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OSU Fans Photobomb Desmond Howard

June 16th, 2013| by

Ohio State fans still won’t let Desmond Howard go for his “Hello Heisman!” punt return TD from 21 years ago or for spurning his home-state Buckeyes (he grew up in Cleveland) in favor of Michigan.

At a recent event that Howard attended, a quartet of OSU fans pulled off a pretty first-rate photobomb of the 1991 Heisman Trophy winner: One person posed for a seemingly innocuous photo with Howard, while her three companions formed the two O’s and H in O-H-I-O. Take a look.

Howard is a good-natured enough guy where he’ll probably laugh at something like this. Plus, this is much more preferable than, say, someone wishing bodily harm upon him. Desmond Howard profile

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