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Pinkel Flubbed Alphabet During Arrest

November 19th, 2011| by

You’d think it couldn’t get any more embarrassing for a college football head coach than being arrested for a DWI and getting your mug shot posted all over the internet.

Oh, but it has for Missouri coach Gary Pinkel, as video of the Wednesday night arrest has surfaced in which Pinkel forgets the letter “I” in the alphabet twice (and many others) and also displays the inability to count backward.

After being asked to name the letters between E and R by a police officer, Pinkel responded, “E, F, G, H, R.”

Asked if he passed the test, the officer told him there are other letters between E and R.

Pinkel tried again with “A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, R.”

The coach was then asked to count backward from 73 to 62, to which he responded, “You kidding me? I can’t do that normally.”

The charade ended when Pinkel declined a breath test, which led to his arrest and subsequent DWI charge despite his claims he only had two glasses of wine.

If Pinkel actually only had two glasses of wine (his blood alcohol content has not been released), maybe he should redo grades K-12 like Billy Madison once the offseason begins.






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