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Pokes OL: SEC Ds Aren’t in Good Shape

August 26th, 2013| by

The SEC’s seven straight BCS national championships and well-earned reputation for producing the country’s finest defenses evidently don’t impress Oklahoma State offensive lineman Parker Graham.

“You know, I just think that the SEC is blown a little bit out of proportion,” Graham told OStateIllustrated.com prior to his team’s season-opener on Saturday against Mississippi State. “There’s a lot of great players down there and it’s a heavily recruited area, but at the same time we play really fast offense here and sometimes those SEC defenses lose their breath against it. They have big guys but they aren’t very well conditioned. We’re gonna play our best ball and see what happens.”

Odds that this quote is taped to the locker of every Bulldogs defensive player or written on their whiteboard prior to Saturday’s game: Very high.





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