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Potter Clone in UM Band Embraces Fame

April 9th, 2013| by

It’s good to see that the Michigan trumpet player with an uncanny resemblance to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has both a) a sense of humor about the whole thing; and b) a clever streak.

At Monday’s national championship game, the Potter look-a-like came equipped with a sign he made to both cheer on the Wolverines and embrace his celebrity clone. It read: “expecto pa-trey-num.”

For non-Harry Potter fans, the sign was a play on words involving the Patronus Charm — a protective spell first introduced in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” — and Wolverines star Trey Burke.

If you’re going to keep on hearing about how you look like so-and-so, you might as well have fun with it .






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