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Prince Harry Hangs Hangs With AFA FB

May 13th, 2013| by

If Air Force head coach Troy Calhoun had his wish, Prince Harry would be the latest Falcons’ football commit.

Prince Harry was in Colorado Springs, CO, over the weekend to visit the Air Force Academy (Harry served in the British armed forces and had a stint in Afghanistan) and stopped by the Falcons’ football complex on Sunday to pick up some pointers on American football from head coach Troy Calhoun. Due to another in a long line of ridiculous NCAA rules, Air Force players were not allowed to attend because of rules that limit athletes’ interactions with celebrities.

Harry took turns throwing and catching under the tutelage of Calhoun, tossing balls over 30 yards and hauling one in from over 40 yards. Oh, and he also took the time to form a human pyramid with the Air Force cheerleaders and team mascot, ending up on the bottom.

Calhoun seemed genuinely impressed.

“The Prince was terrific,” Calhoun told a reporter from the Australia-based AAP news service. “You can tell he has great body coordination, he would be a natural football player. He is aggressive, he is strong, he is smart. I would love to sign him up to the Air Force Academy football team if I could.

“Honestly I was a little surprised how good he was. It’s not an easy game to pick up and a football is not a regular ball.”

The prince is already 28 and is a little preoccupied, but we’re sure Mountain West Conference defensive backs are licking their chops at the idea of laying out a British prince on the football field.




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