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Pro-UM Romney Ad Runs in Ohio St. Paper

October 7th, 2012| by

If thought that the Democrats’ college football-themed efforts to win Ohio would be confined to Barack Obama forming the “I” in “Ohio,” think again. They’re also going after Obama’s opponent in the upcoming presidential election.

The Ohio Democratic Party took out an ad in Friday’s edition of the Ohio State student newspaper, on the same day as OSU’s homecoming parade. It features a picture of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in the background. What makes this ad is what runs in the foreground: A 2011 Romney quote in which he says, “I have been a Michigan and a Wolverine fan for a long time.”

Romney was born and raised in Detroit, so his fandom (and subsequent quote) makes sense. In just under a month, we’ll find out if it costs him in a key swing state.






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