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Pryce Releases Frog Adventure Kids Book

May 21st, 2013| by

To combat the post-NFL retirement boredom he wrote about in a guest piece for The New York Times last April, former Clemson defensive end and four-time Pro Bowler Trevor Pryce has been hard at work on a children’s book centered around — to quote SportsGrid’s Rick Chandler — a “sort of bad-ass Kermit the Frog.”

The synopsis for “An Army of Frogs: A Kulipari Novel” — which was released on May 7th — describes how the book’s protagonist, Darrel, wants to join “an elite squad of poisonous frog warriors [the Kulipari] sworn to defend the Amphibilands” even though he isn’t a poisonous frog.

We’re a little old for this book’s target demographic, but … it does indeed sound kind of bad-ass. Pryce seems to know what he’s doing; he clearly had the frog equivalent of Middle Earth in mind when he came up with the fictitious Amphibalands.

Pryce — a 1996 First Team All-ACC performer at Clemson who retired from football in 2010 — also told CBS Denver that Cartoon Network has it in development as a show. Trevor Pryce profile






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