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PSU’s Gyasi Cline-Heard Busted by Feds

February 27th, 2012| by

The hits just keep coming for Penn State athletics.

In the wake of the massive alleged sex scandal involving former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, former Nittany Lion basketball player Gyasi Cline-Heard has been arrested in Florida on charges that he was the leader of a drug and gun ring.

Undercover officers bought cocaine off Cline-Heard before raiding his house and tattoo parlor, in which four dozen guns were found, including machine guns and assault rifles.

“That’s something you would see in a spy movie,” Lt. Chuck Balderstone of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said at a news conference.

Prior to the bust, the former Penn State star was living near Tampa in Trinity, FL, and owned a tattoo parlor named Legacy Tattoo. The son of the NBA’s Gar Heard and a leader of Penn State’s 2001 Sweet Sixteen squad, Cline-Heard last played basketball professionally in South Korea during the 2010-11 season.

It looks like the only basketball he’ll be playing now will be in the prison courtyard.





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