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Ranking College Football’s TV Theme Songs

August 4th, 2014| by

The right sports TV theme song can trigger all sorts of feels. Try not imagining yourself happily poring over your March Madness bracket when you hear this. Or feeling just a little bit better about your Mondays when you hear this.

Between ESPN, Fox, NBC and CBS, college football has no shortage of broadcast partners and theme songs ready to transport us to those glorious autumnal Saturdays. Here are the best — and worst — ranked.

4. NBC Notre Dame Song

Clearly, NBC is trying to tap into the nostalgia factor, but it fails miserably. The prestige of having each home game nationally broadcast has been stripped away from Notre Dame with the growth of television and the NBC theme is going for an effect that died out years ago. Plus, the tune itself is just kind of … meh.

3. Fox Sports Net

For a network with an awesome, iconic NFL theme, Fox Sports Net comes up short with its College Football Saturday music. The theme doesn’t build towards much of anything and leaves too much to be desired in the excitement department.

2. ESPN College Football

Be honest, when this came on you half-expected Brent Musburger to chime in with a “You are looking LIVE…” and start spitting cliches about how big a game this is going to be. That’s how iconic this music has become. You probably know what key and time signature this song is in. Ingrained from endless Saturdays glued to the ESPN family of networks, your brain associates it with college football and you didn’t even know it.

1. SEC on CBS

This is simply one of the best sports themes ever. CBS’s broadcasting slate isn’t as saturated as ESPN’s so this song doesn’t get as much play as the aforementioned, but it is unequivocally the better theme and best in college football. Nothing beats that choral hook and slowed-down, grand coda — except for maybe the fantastic SEC matchup you’re about to watch after the song finishes.




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