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Reddit Maps Out Most Hated College Football Team by State (PHOTO)

August 11th, 2014| by

Reddit has been polling its users recently to find out which teams are hated most by state in the United States’ major sports leagues. It released its college football map last week and recently gave it a more spot-on update.

The first thing one notices is a whole lot of burnt orange. This makes complete sense: With its size, prestige and fruitful history, there’s no easier team in Big 12 country to hate than Texas. And actor and UT super fan Matthew McConaughey certainly doesn’t help.

Otherwise, the map checks out. Alabama takes up a huge chunk of SEC country, Florida and USC are drowned out by combined contingents in their states, and interstate rivalries abound. Ohio State-Michigan, Missouri-Kansas and Washington-Oregon all reflect fandoms accurately.

It’s a particular shame to supposedly be the most hated team in your own state. Sorry, Kentucky.




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