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Ron Zook Working at Central FL Bank

July 16th, 2013| by

Take a quick peek at the list of employees at Gateway Bank in Ocala, FL. Take note of the bank’s business development officer, who’s listed 13th from the bottom: Ron Zook.

Yup, that Ron Zook.

A local bank in central Florida is the last place that one would expect to find the former Florida and Illinois head football coach, who spent 24 years as both a college and NFL assistant coach prior to taking the Gators’ job in 2002.

Even though he received a $2.6 million buyout from the Illini after they fired him in 2011 and has been a college football studio analyst for CBS Sports since last August, he’s evidently not above an honest day’s work outside of football.

Judging by his time as a head coach, we’re guessing Zook is great at recruiting new business but terrible at execution.

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