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Sad Clown Tells Utes ‘No Extra Benefits’

November 14th, 2012| by

There was no competition before for most trippy way of keeping a school’s athletes eligible. But now there is. And the University of Utah has won it by a landslide.

The school’s compliance office posted an Xtranormal animated movie to its YouTube page on Wednesday of a computer-animated clown (who sounds like Stephen Hawking) talking about how he used to be a student athlete before accepting extra benefits cost him his scholarship and got him kicked out of school.

“Now I have to go to clown college and pay to [play],” he said. “I should have listened to my compliance office. No one likes a sad clown.”

If any meme was tailor made for subsequent parody videos, it’s this one. Just imagining Utes players sitting in a lecture hall and watching this is priceless.





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