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SC Fan Epically Pranks Clemson Friend

September 10th, 2013| by

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Language in video below is NSFW.]

Please give a round of applause to Ryan Bailey for pulling off the best college football-themed pranks we’ve ever seen.

Bailey’s friend, Sean, is a massive Clemson fan, while Bailey pulls for in-state rival South Carolina. So while Sean and his girlfriend were recently out of town for a week to celebrate the former’s birthday, Bailey completely redecorated Sean’s bedroom — Gamecocks style.

For starters, the walls were painted garnet. Then the room was adorned with South Carolina flags, posters and other trinkets, while the bedding was replaced with a Gamecocks blanket.

As one can imagine, Sean was not happy. His first response upon seeing his redecorated room, at the 2:00 mark of the video above: “Get the f*ck out!” (It would not be the last F-bomb he dropped.) The hilarious part is Sean’s girlfriend later joining him and a) Finding the whole thing hilarious; and b) Considering the renovated room to be an improvement.

While we respect Sean’s die-hard Tigers fandom, we’re with his girlfriend on this one. His room looked like a dump before Bailey and friends stepped in and changed it.

That being said, we don’t think Bailey will be receiving a “thank you” note anytime soon from his buddy.







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