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Scalabrine Owns Court in Radio Promo

January 24th, 2013| by

Throughout his 11-year NBA career, Brian Scalabrine was more cult figure than star, unlike his three years at USC. So much so that nicknames of “Human Victory Cigar” and digs at his abilities as a player were commonplace for the 6-foot-9 redhead.

Thanks to a recent promotion put on by a local radio show in Boston, “White Mamba” proved that he’s significantly better at basketball than the average schmo.

In what CBS Radio’s “Toucher & Rich” show called the “Scallenge,” four radio listeners went one-on-one against Scalabrine — currently working as a Boston Celtics commentator for Comcast SportsNet New England — in games to 11, win by two. And it wasn’t even close; Scalabrine beat his four foes by a combined 44–6 score.

Not that Scalabrine was going to speak negatively of their efforts.

“When you go into a game you have to realize that these guys can play,” he said. “They’re strong, they’ve played against guys quicker than me, they’ve played against guys bigger than me, they’ve played against guys stronger than me.

“The only thing I think they weren’t expecting was my size defensively; how good I can cover ground defensively.”

The gamest challenge was put up by 6-foot-8 Matt Tomaszewski, who spent two years as a benchwarmer at Syracuse. But even he could only manage an 11–3 loss to “White Mamba.”

So the next time you make a joke about Scalabrine’s abilities as a player, take this as proof that he could kick your butt. Brian Scalabrine profile

[CBS Boston]




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