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12 Alternative Names for CFB Championship Game

August 6th, 2014| by

  • 12. Duper Bowl

    For an event that won’t be light on pomp and pizzazz, Bill Hancock didn’t really pull out the stops when he dubbed the new college football playoff the “College Football Playoff.” While that minimalist moniker works just fine, we do think the College Football Championship Game could use a re-tooling.

    If college football does want to create its own Super Bowl, it needs a game title to match what should be a highly palpable atmosphere at Jerry World on January 12th. Here are a few ideas.

    Trolling the NFL is the first logical route.


  • 11. Finally!!!! Bowl

    Let’s always seize an opportunity to give ourselves a collective pat on the back for making it through the BCS Era.


  • 10. The Real SEC Championship Bowl

    Although Florida State or Oklahoma might crash the party, the odds are still pretty good that this name checks out.


  • 9. Dog Bowl

    Celebrating the name of Bill Hancock’s eponymous dog, Dog.


  • 8. Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl

    After the most amusing bowl title of all time was pushed out to pasture by Bitcoin, let’s give it its fair due on the sport’s grandest stage.

  • 7. Power 5 Only Bowl

    An apology in advance to all the mid-major schools who will never, ever get a chance to play in this game.


  • 6. Sorry, Fans Bowl

    An apology in advance to all the fans who will never, ever get a chance or afford to attend this game.


  • 5. O’Bannon Bowl

    We’re sure the NCAA would be thrilled to honor the man suing them for player compensation.


  • 4. EA Sports NCAA Football ‘15 Bowl

    If the O’Bannon Bowl didn’t work out, this would be close enough. It’s time to open our hearts and wallets up again to the video game giant.


  • 3. Bristol Bowl

    Now ESPN can really put itself on the map!


  • 2. Johnny FootBowl

    Come on guys, you know we’re going to miss talking about him.


  • 1. Bowl Bowl

    If it works for Manute’s son, it’ll work for the College Football Playoff.



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