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12 Greatest College Mascot Fights Ever

August 4th, 2014| by

  • 12. Alabama’s Big Al vs. Southern Miss’ Seymour (2002)

    Mascots are generally a docile species. Unless we’re talking about the Phillie Phanatic, most are just there entertain, rouse a crowd and fill space during timeouts. It’s mostly harmless. Mostly.

    But all is fair in love and war between college mascots, and sometimes shoulder brushes can turn into 15-round bouts. See what happens when mascots decide to drop the gloves (or feathers) and get real.

    It is abundantly apparent that this mascot fight did not occur organically. But while this fight wouldn’t make a UFC card anytime soon, it could put the Crimson Tide’s Al and the Golden Eagles’ Seymour into Oscar contention. Good job, good effort from both of them.

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  • 11. Michigan State’s Sparty vs. Pittsburgh’s Roc (2007)

    Yeah this was clearly staged (like they were going to let Sparty lose in East Lansing), but that doesn’t mean it is any less entertaining. There really is nothing like Sparty donning hilariously oversized boxing gloves and punching out an anthropomorphized panther.

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  • 10. Minnesota’s Goldy vs. Wisconsin’s Bucky (2011)

    2011’s Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe was a one-sided rout that featured Russell Wilson throwing for four scores and Montee Ball rushing for two more. However, in this WWE-style mascot fight, it was Goldy Gopher who got the best of Bucky Badger in their sideline match.

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  • 9. Albany’s Damien vs. Stony Brook’s Wolfie (2014)

    It doesn’t necessarily showcase great basketball, but don’t let anybody tell you the America East can’t produce mascot fights that can hang with the rest of them. The 2014 America East Tournament final saw Albany’s Great Dane and Stony Brook’s Seawolf scuffle on the sideline.

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  • 8. Cal’s Oski vs. Stanford’s Tree (1995)

    This has to be one of the most frightening mascot fights of all time. It’s not that the fight got that violent, but Cal and Stanford lay claim to two of the most disturbing mascot faces in country. Oski looks like a four-year-old doodled a face on a bear, while Tree could pass for The Mighty Boosh’s Old Gregg. Just spooky all around.

    [Full Video]

  • 7. Oregon’s Duck vs. Oregon State’s Benny Beaver (2000)

    You never really know what to expect at the Civil War. Compounded with the Duck’s propensity to erupt into fisticuffs, this could have been an epic slugfest. The fight was broken up far too soon after Benny got some shots in, but this definitely gives you a feel for how much the two schools hate each other.

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  • 6. IUPUI’s Jaws vs. Oral Roberts’ Eli (2008)

    Oral Robert’s defeated IUPUI to win the 2008 Summit League Tournament final, but the in-game mascot fight told a different story. Jawz the Jaguar got the better of Eli the Eagle, ripping his head off. Eli also did not take it well when an IUPUI cheerleader tried to break things up.

    [Full Video]

  • 5. Rhode Island’s Rhody vs. St. Joseph’s The Hawk (1998)

    The Hawk has one job to do: Keeping flapping its wings. In a February 1998 A-10 matchup between St. Joe’s and Rhode Island, URI’s Rhody the Ram got in the way of tradition and that was a big no-no. Bobby Gallagher broke character to let Rhody know what was what — to hilarious results.

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  • 4. Ohio State’s Brutus vs. Ohio’s Rufus (2010)

    Rufus’s premeditated attack on Brutus escalated into fisticuffs after Rufus’ head came flying off (the pinnacle of mascot embarrassment, according to the student who played Brutus that day). Also according to the student: “After the first two OSU touchdowns I decided to exact my revenge with a little more class by waving the flag directly in his face and repeatedly pointing to the scoreboard.”

    [Full Video]

  • 3. Wisconsin’s Bucky vs. Michigan State cheerleader (1999)

    It’s not mascot-on-mascot brutality, but this inter-species smackdown deserves to make the list. Peeved that Bucky picked up an MSU flag and ran back to Wisconsin base camp with it, a Spartan cheerleader leveled the mascot. Bucky got up and playfully punched back, but the cheerleader only escalated things. Fortunately (and in all seriousness) charges were not pressed.

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  • 2. James Madison’s Duke Dog vs. Coastal Carolina’s Chauncey (2007)

    Duke tries to have some fun with CCU’s Chauncey the Chanticleer, but Chauncey was really not having any of it. A playful kick to the rump from Duke Dog was followed by a full-on charge and tackle from Chauncey. Hilarity ensues.

    [Full Video]

  • 1. Oregon’s Duck vs. Houston’s Shasta (2007)

    This was Ali-Frazier I, “The Rumble in the Jungle” and “The Thrilla in Manila” of mascot fights all rolled into one. After the Oregon Duck took exception to Houston’s Shasta doing pushups after the Cougars scored, the Duck busted out a legendary can of whoop-ass.

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