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20 Best Pictures of DeAndre Kane’s GF Annie Glockner

April 21st, 2014| by

  • Musburger’s Eye for Talent

    Annie Glockner was just the latest college sports WAG to find herself in the spotlight thanks to Brent Musburger. The better half of former Iowa State point guard DeAndre Kane got quite the shout-out from Musburger during this year’s Big 12 tournament, after which she became a popular search topic on Google, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Scene of the Crime

    This was the group selfie that Glockner was posing for when Musburger sat up and took notice. It’s not the last time we’ll see her doing her best duck face.

  • Bundled Up

    In fact, the pursed lips look is the first one that Glockner seems to go with in every scenario she’s in, whether she’s bundled up against the cold winter weather…

  • Smooches

    …blowing a kiss (or several kisses) to her boyfriend…

  • She Loves the Night Life

    …getting ready to hit the town…

  • License to Drive

    …running some errands in her car…

  • Proud Pet Owner

    …or hanging out with her beloved pet dog (another very common sight on her Twitter and Instagram feeds).

  • Beach Bods

    It was a very happy Independence Day last July for Glockner and Kane. The two met at Marshall, from which she graduated in December and where Kane spent his first three collegiate seasons before transferring to Iowa State prior to the 2013-2014 campaign.

  • Fit to be Fit

    Kane’s not the only athlete in the relationship. Glockner’s no slouch herself when it comes to staying in shape.

  • Ab-solutely Solid

    Glockner seems particularly proud of her core. And as she should. It’s pretty impressive whether she’s just getting out of bed…

  • Mirror Mirror

    …hanging around the house…

  • Sunday Fun Day

    …or just enjoying a casual fall Sunday afternoon.

  • Girl Power

    Kane isn’t the only member of Glockner’s inner circle. She seems similarly at ease with her closest girl friends…

  • Stripes Are Solid

    …with whom she won’t hesitate to dress up for special occasions…

  • On the Town

    …or just go out with for more informal meet-ups…

  • Smoke If You Got ‘Em

    …such as hookah bar outings.

  • Pearly Whites

    When she’s not making duck lips, Glockner’s got a pretty captivating smile.

  • Friends Included

    It makes for a consistently good photo pose, whether it’s a picture with friends…

  • Fashionable Headwear

    …or a selfie with a floppy hat on.

  • Bright Smile, Bright Future

    Kane did wonders for his NBA draft prospects with a strong NCAA tournament showing. Something that’s got to make both him and his better half smile when thinking about the road ahead.



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