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Hottest Photos of the Florida State Cowgirls

April 15th, 2014| by

  • Red-Blooded America’s Sweethearts

    When Brent Musburger caught glance of Jenn Sterger and friends in 2005 and declared that “1,500 red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State,” the Florida State Cowgirls became a college football phenomenon. Here are the hottest pictures of the original four – Sterger, CJ Perry, Allison Torres and Jessica Fuqua – and what they are doing now.

  • The Trailblazer

    As the Cowgirl who caught Musburger’s attention, Jenn Sterger was the one who enjoyed the most immediate (and meteoric) rise to fame.

  • Ready for Her Closeup

    It wasn’t long before Sterger capitalized on her 15 minutes of fame, landing modeling gigs with Maxim…

  • Lady in Red

    …and Playboy…

  • True to Her FSU Roots

    …all while continuing to acknowledge that she was a Cowgirl, first and foremost.

  • Mixing It Up in Media

    For six years after leaving Florida State, Sterger worked in TV and web media as a correspondent with Sports Illustrated, a sideline reporter for the New York Jets and a host/reporter for shows on Versus and Fuel TV.

  • Taking on Hollywood

    After an admittedly rough exit from the sports media world following an infamous cell phone correspondence with ex-Jets QB Brett Favre, Sterger has moved to Los Angeles to try and make it as an actress (now going by “Jennifer Sterger”).

  • The New “It” Girl

    With Sterger now living in relative anonymity as an aspiring actress, CJ Perry (right) has taken over the role as “Most Visible Former Cowgirl.”

  • Camera-Ready

    With an All-American smile, Perry found steady work as a model in her post-FSU days, whether it was frolicking in the waves…

  • Lady in Lace

    …posing in lingerie…

  • Woman of the Outdoors

    …roughing it in the untamed wild…

  • Dressed to Kill

    …or modeling a form-fitting red dress.

  • Ready to Rumble

    These days, you can find Perry on the WWE circuit, where she’s a first-year diva going by the name “Lana.” You best not cross her…

  • Return to the Doak

    …unless you see her back in Tallahassee for a Seminoles game, as was the case last November.

  • Jersey Girl

    New Jersey native Allison Torres had a modeling career of her own, posing for Playboy one month after Sterger did. But in comparison to both Sterger and Perry, Torres’ career in front of the cameras was a short-lived one.

  • Short and Sweet

    Which isn’t to say that it was lacking.

  • Off to Sunny San Diego

    Torres has since started a quiet life in sunny San Diego, where the weather’s just as good (if not better) than what she knew in her college days.

  • The Quiet One

    Although she’s been farther from the spotlight than her fellow original Cowgirls, Fuqua has also (from the looks of it) given a career in modeling a go.

  • If I Can Make It There…

    Originally from Ocala, FL, Fuqua has since relocated to Manhattan.

  • The Old College Try

    But like her fellow Cowgirls, she never feels far from Florida State.



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