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Charles Sollars Big 10, Big 12 Helmet Concepts

March 8th, 2012| by

  • Illinois

    This is our favorite. We know that Illinois has done away with the chief logo over political correctness concerns but goodness gracious, the Native American headdress on top of the helmet is a thing of beauty. It certainly blows away the current look and even the rumored new blue matte lids.

  • Indiana

    This might be the craziest concept. Check out the famed candy-striped look from Indiana’s warm-up pants being donned on the helmet. We’re a little skeptical of this helmet but hey, it’s Indiana football. You might as well try and get attention however you can get it.

  • Iowa

    Iowa fans love their Tiger Hawk logo and Sollars was wise not to mess with it but rather invert the helmet with a yellow lid and black icon. This concept won’t blow you away like the others, but it’s worth a one-game cameo.

  • Michigan

    Altering Michigan’s winged helmet, the best lid in college football, is sacrilege in Ann Arbor. But we really dig the textured background, black outline on the wings and black facemask. This would look stellar under the lights for the second-ever night game at the Big House.

  • Michigan State

    This! Is! Sparta! What’s more authentic than the actual look of a Spartan helmet used for combat in ancient times complete with the textured feel and Mohawk down the middle? Considering how obsessed Michigan State AD Mark Hollis is with marketing gimmicks, we can picture him already on the phone with Nike ordering these and scheduling a game in Greece against USC for the “Trojan War 2.”

  • Minnesota

    We love Minnesota’s new matte helmets but you can’t tell us these wouldn’t make a great alternate helmet. We love Goldy and we love cartoon logos on helmets, which currently are on the endangered species list. Two giant buck teeth have never looked so good.

  • Nebraska

    If only Mike Leach coached the Cornhuskers. We would never want to mess with Nebraska’s iconic helmet but just imagine the Cornhuskers running out for a night game in black lids with the “Black Shirts” defense logo on them. We have a feeling Tom Osborne would never let this happen, but we can dream …

  • Northwestern

    The football Wildcats haven’t won a bowl game since 1949 and the basketball ones have never been to the NCAA tournament. So it’s time Northwestern celebrates something it’s good at: Academics. We love the idea of a school seal on the helmet and it’s a perfect fit for one of the best schools in the nation.

  • Ohio State

    Ohio State’s foray into red helmets didn’t look so hot in 2010 but we like the idea of a red helmet with the Buckeye leaves woven into the design. We’re guessing the guys on the end of the OSU bench without any leaves on their helmet would be especially big fans.

  • Penn State

    There’s been a complete overhaul at Penn State following the Jerry Sandusky scandal so why not switch up the helmets too? Just kidding, we know that will never happen. But we’d love to see PSU’s Nittany Lion logo – one of the best in college sports – grace the helmet just once.

  • Purdue

    Can anyone explain to us why Purdue isn’t already wearing this beautiful and classy helmet as opposed to the high school-style lid they currently have? Seriously, Purdue, take all your football helmets and throw them in the dumpster today.

  • Wisconsin

    We’ll say it again: We love cartoon logos on helmets. And that’s one pouty looking badger right there. Plus, we aren’t big fans of the Motion “W.”

  • Baylor

    The matte helmets the Bears donned for the Alamo Bowl were beauties but the interlocking “BU” look is pretty bland. A snarling bear coming for you? Not bland. There’s something about a green bear we can’t take our eyes off.

  • Iowa State

    Bring back the Cyclone bird of yesteryear! The current helmets are terrible and an insufferable bore. The jumbo-sized bird jumps off the helmet at you to make up for lost time and is ready to punch you in the face for good measure.

  • Kansas

    See: Iowa State. The Jayhawk logo is a classic but somehow was snubbed for the boring “KU” on the lid, which is now in the atrocious Trajan font the school insists on. We know Kansas loves that bird blown up and it doesn’t get any bigger than this. It’s a similar look to the Boise State combat helmets from 2010 but even better, in our opinion. We think the Jayhawk is best reserved to one side of the helmet.

  • Kansas State

    Like the Tiger Hawk, we wouldn’t want to miss with K-State’s Power Cat, which Wildcat fans love. But why not mix it up with an inverted purple helmet and silver logo like Iowa’s concept? We’re not suggesting K-State go to purple full-time like Washington dubiously did in the 1990s, but it’s a good change of pace.

  • Missouri

    Can we all agree that a helmet with tiger eyes starring right at you and giving the illusion you are about to be devoured is more intimidating than a clunky block “M” on the side? We also love the color combination. You know recruits would love this – like, say, Dorial Green-Beckham.

  • Oklahoma

    We’re down for anything that reminds us of “The Oregon Trail” video game and this helmet does just that. The Sooner Schooner deserves a place on Oklahoma’s Pro Combat helmet since the school’s nickname is derived from early settlers to the region. Just imagine how many jokes about dysentery these helmets would produce; that in itself is a good enough reason to use them.

  • Oklahoma State

    Nike did a good job with the new Oklahoma State uniforms but the helmet is still just, meh. Enter Pistol Pete, who’s ready to step outside for a duel against anyone, anywhere, anytime. Another cartoon logo that is vastly underused, it also makes a lot more sense than the letters “OSU” which most people associate with Ohio State.

  • TCU

    Holy horned frog! This is our third favorite concept behind Illinois and Purdue. With TCU competing in the Big 12 this fall, why not introduce a new helmet that celebrates your awesome and unique mascot? You can barely even see the frog on the current helmet and the frog-skin on this concept makes this a must.

  • Texas

    You either love burnt orange or you hate it. We love it. Matthew McConaughey’s head might explode if he saw his beloved Longhorns run out in these bad boys. Texas has great uniforms as-is, but let’s mix it up a little bit, OK? Texas in a black helmet would also be awesome.

  • Texas A&M

    Atten-chun! We love this helmet for several reasons: Cartoon logo? Check. Intimidating? Check. Honors school’s military past? Check. An overall sharp look? Check again. Just looking at this helmet makes us want to drop down and give that logo 20.

  • Texas Tech

    We usually love black but the Texas Tech helmets just don’t really pop out at us. But insert this dusty red lid that’s also fitting for the weather in Lubbock and you’ve got a huge shot in the arm to the Red Raiders’ helmets (this masked rider concept is really cool, too). Oh yeah, and it makes a lot more sense because they’re supposed to be the Red Raiders, not the Black Raiders.

  • West Virginia

    This helmet retains the interlocking “WV” logo in yellow that’s on the current lids. But the new gray background gives these helmets an updated, fresher look that mimics the state’s famous coal mining industry.

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