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Best Pictures of USC Head Coach’s Model Wife, Amanda Marcum

August 12th, 2013| by

  • Trophy Wife

    The breakout star of the 2012-13 college basketball season wasn’t a player, but rather the wife of head coach Andy Enfield – the former Amanda Marcum (seen here on the cover of Maxim).

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    The former model was the talk of the 2013 NCAA Tournament as she watched her husband and No. 15 seed Florida Gulf Coast to the Sweet Sixteen.

    We take a look at who Marcum is and how she ended up with Enfield.

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  • Laying Out

    Marcum grew up in Mustang, OK – a town of about 13,000 people. After graduating high school, she headed for the bright lights of New York City with dreams of becoming a fashion model.

  • Life’s a Beach

    Marcum’s big break was a campaign for Armani jeans in Milan, Italy. Among the other biggest names Marcum modeled for are Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Ellesse, Liz Claiborne and – oh yeah, Maxim Magazine.

  • Having a Laugh

    Marcum certainly has a sense of humor about the modeling industry, telling Maxim in 2006: “It’s not much of a challenge being a model. Act sexy. Act sad. It’s not very mentally stimulating. It’s so funny when I meet people from the Midwest and they say, ‘Oh, you’re a model. Are you going to school for that in New York?’ ‘Yeah, I’m majoring in walking and plucking my eyebrows.’”

  • Still Pure At Heart

    Marcum didn’t allow being a model to change her values, telling Maxim in ‘06 that her favorite hobbies are going to church and writing poetry in a journal. “Awww, how cute!”

  • Going for The Older Man

    What is it about gorgeous women and older men? Marcum’s husband is almost a decade older than her at nine years her senior.

  • Basketball Junkie

    Marcum isn’t just gorgeous, she’s a huge sports fan. In fact, that’s how she met her husband. Enfield gave Marcum a ride from New York City to Boston in 2003 so she could see her favorite team – the Oklahoma State Cowboys – play in the second round vs. Syracuse. The Pokes lost, but Marcum found herself a future husband.

  • On The Move

    At the height of her modeling career, Marcum moved from Manhattan to Tallahassee, FL, in 2006 when Andy Enfield was hired as an assistant coach for Florida State. Considering the circumstances, shouldn’t he have been the one sacrificing his career for her?

  • Becoming a Mom

    There are hot moms and then there’s Amanda Marcum. In 2006 and just in her mid-20s, Marcum gave birth to a daughter, Aila. She now has three children with Enfield.

  • Not Your Average First Date

    Enfield’s first date with Marcum? A 2003 NIT game at Madison Square Garden. A typical model would have scoffed at the idea of it. Instead, Marcum and Enfield were engaged six months later.

  • Natural Beauty

    While Florida State is known for its beautiful coeds, we have a feeling the male students were tripping over themselves when this 5-foot-10, green-eyed, natural blonde walked by on campus.

  • Family Matters

    Marcum sacrificed her modeling career for her family. “It was hard for her to give her career up,” Andy Enfield told The Naples News. “But she loves sports so much and wanted a family and thought this is something she could do. I give her a lot of credit. Very difficult decision on her part to give up something she worked so hard for and had been so good at.”

  • No Regrets

    Marcum says she has no regrets about hanging up her, uh, bikini.

    “I love being a mother so much—I wouldn’t change it,” Marcum told The Naples News. “But I have to admit, I miss palling around on the job and living in New York.”

    Trust us, millions of men miss you being a model.

  • Off To The Coast

    In 2011, Andy Enfield was hired as Florida Gulf Coast’s first head coach in Fort Myers, FL – meaning plenty of beach time for the family.

  • Meteoric Rise

    In just the basketball program’s second year of existence, the Eagles made the 2013 NCAA Tournament. To put that in perspective, Northwestern has never been to the Big Dance since it started in 1939.

  • Drawing Attention

    Marcum got plenty of attention from CBS Sports as FGCU pulled a shocker in the Round of 64 by beating No. 2 seed Georgetown, 78-68. Maybe the Hoyas were distracted by looking into the stands…

  • Let’s Dance!

    When FGCU defeated San Diego State to become the first No. 15 seed to reach the Sweet Sixteen, the Eagles’ players of course wanted to celebrate with the head coach’s fetching wife.

  • How Does It Feel?

    Forget interviewing the head coach about the game. Marcum fielded plenty of questions on her own during the 2013 NCAA Tournament, as TV cameras flocked to her.

  • Red Carpet Treatment

    After becoming overnight celebrities, Andy Enfield and Amanda Marcum hit the 2013 ESPY Awards and, of course, Mrs. Enfield stole the show again on the red carpet.

  • Landing in Tinseltown

    It was only fitting that Enfield and Marcum landed in Los Angeles, home to gorgeous stars, when he was hired as USC’s head basketball coach in April of 2013. We have a feeling Amanda will fit right in with the beautiful celebrities in Hollywood…




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