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College Basketball’s Best Coach Look-a-Likes

January 28th, 2013| by

  • Mike Krzyzewski & Master Splinter

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    Ever turn on a college basketball game, only to find yourself staring intently at one of the head coaches and think, “Who does he look like?” Chances are you’re not alone, particularly if it’s one of the following 12 coaches you’re staring at. We present our picks for College Basketball’s Best Coach Look-a-Likes.

    Duke Haters have never hesitated in noting Coach K’s resemblance to a rat. This includes current UNC shooting guard Reggie Bullock, who pointed out the similarities at the 2010 McDonald’s All-American Game . The comparison to Master Splinter is an apt one for Coach K, as both figures make their livelihoods leading unruly teenagers.

  • Billy Donovan & Eddie Munster

    How widely associated is the Florida coach with the werewolf character from “The Munsters”? So much so that the Urban Dictionary definition of the Eddie Munster haircut (“A type of hairstyle that comes to a point in the middle of the forehead) is supplemented with this sentence: “Coach Billy Donovan has the Eddie Munster thing going on.”

    Could it be that Donovan’s success with the Gators is due to his own habit of sleeping in a chest of drawers, as Eddie did on the mid-1960s show? It’s doubtful. Although we are curious as to whether Donovan ever trick-or-treated with his kids around Gainesville while wearing fake fangs.

  • Jim Boeheim & Milhouse Van Houten

    The bespectacled, schlumpy coach of Syracuse is hilariously similar in appearance to the bespectacled, schlumpy best friend of Bart Simpson on “The Simpsons.” Thankfully for Orange fans and alums, that is where the comparisons end.

    While Milhouse is pretty clearly a loser (“Nobody likes Milhouse!”), Boeheim is anything but, having won over 900 games in 36-plus seasons at the helm of his alma mater. You never see the Syracuse coach getting pushed around like his cartoon doppelganger habitually is.

    And Milhouse could only dream of landing a girl like Juli Boeheim.

  • Bob Huggins & Alec Baldwin

    This might be the most strikingly similar set of look-a-likes on this list – although we doubt that Huggy Bear was ever considered a hunk of the coaching profession in his younger years like Baldwin was in his pre-Jack Donaghy leading man days.

    There’s the perfectly coiffed hair that never seems to move or give in to Father Time. The confident bearing on the sidelines and on camera, respectively. Heck, they’ve even both had self-induced transportation mishaps — Huggins with a DUI in 2004 and Baldwin with his well-publicized Words with Friends incident on a plane in 2011.

    If Baldwin showed up on the West Virginia bench one day wearing a track suit instead of Huggins, we might not even notice the difference.

  • Tom Crean & Rainn Wilson

    It turns out that Dwight Schrute left Dunder Mifflin, moved to Indiana and led the Hoosiers back to basketball prominence.

    Just kidding, Tom Crean. Yet there are similarities beyond physical ones between Indiana’s coach and the eccentric character Rainn Wilson portrays on “The Office.” Both have proven very capable at their chosen professions, yet there’s something a little off about each of them.

    Dwight Schrute runs a Scranton beet farm in his spare time. Crean sends out weird tweets to recruits and picks gum up off the floor and sticks it in his mouth. Both get unnecessarily but hilariously angry sometimes (e.g. Crean’s blow-by handshakes after losses). Here’s hoping that Dunder Mifflin opens up a new branch in Bloomington.

  • Roy Williams & Huckleberry Hound

    This particular comparison isn’t only a look-a-like, it’s a sound-a-like as well. Like the Hanna Barbera-created dog, Williams speaks in a Southern drawl so sonorous that you feel like you should have a glass of sweet tea in your hands whenever he talks.

    As for appearances, there is a hangdog look to Williams whenever his Tar Heels aren’t performing well. Now if only he wore a bow tie as part of his gameday attire instead of only on special occasions, the resemblance would be uncanny.

  • John Thompson III & Droopy Dog

    What’s with college coaches resembling cartoon dogs?

    Strange to think that the son of the famously imposing John Thompson could be compared to one who moves “slowly and lethargically.”

    Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good descriptor for how Georgetown’s Princeton offense appears to anyone that isn’t a Hoyas fan (and probably some who are). But getting back to the appearance comparison, it’s the cheeks that make it look as though Thompson III is going to start crying when, in fact, he’s just staring ahead.

    Droopy’s Wikipedia page also mentions how he’s “shrewd enough to outwit his enemies.” With a Final Four appearance under his belt and success year after year, Thompson III could be described the same way.

  • Frank Martin & Vince McMahon

    Maybe it’s because Martin perpetually looks like he’s about to blow a gasket when he’s on the sideline, but the South Carolina coach definitely reminds us of the chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Sometimes Martin looks angry enough where he could enter a ring and do some serious damage.

    Similar to how McMahon “feuded” with the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X, Randy Orton and Bret Hart over the years, Martin bolted his job at Kansas State last year because he didn’t get along with athletic director John Currie. Currie’s just lucky Martin didn’t body slam him.

  • John Groce & Jim Furyk

    Groce was stopped by people in passing several times before he ever coached a game with Illinois. Was it because people were just that passionate about basketball? Actually, it was because he was confused with PGA Tour veteran and 2003 U.S. Open champion Jim Furyk. “I get that all the time,” the coach told the Peoria Journal Star back in October.

    Illinois fans surely wouldn’t mind some Furyk-like success from their team after some lean years starting in the late 2000s. In 69 major starts, Furyk has 19 Top-10 finishes.

  • Rick Pitino & Al Pacino

    We swear, we’re not making this comparison just because their last names sound similar. Take off a dozen years from Pacino’s face and there’s a striking resemblance between the two.

    With his snappy suits, confident demeanor and 600-plus wins, Pitino cuts an impressive figure on the sidelines that has made him an icon of the coaching profession. Pacino’s memorable roles in The Godfather trilogy, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Scarface (to name just a few) have made him an icon in Hollywood.

    Another thing Pitino and Pacino share are memorable methods of chewing out those around them — Pitino with his players, Pacino on-screen with other characters. Although we doubt that Pitino has ever laid into one of his players a la Pacino to Kevin Spacey in Glengarry Glen Ross.

  • Larry Brown & Normal Fell

    Fell was a TV actor whose work spanned four decades (1955–1998) and was best known as hardnosed landlord Stanley Roper on “Three’s Company.” With a face and a set of eyes that made him look perpetually unhappy, is was the perfect part for him.

    Hmmm, perpetually unhappy? Larry Brown has appeared that way on the sidelines forever. We can’t remember the last time that he smiled. Or blinked. Taking over SMU’s moribund basketball program this season probably won’t help matters.

  • Mark Few & Greg Germann

    This comparison works if you use Germann from when he was starring as Richard Fish on “Ally McBeal” and his hair was still brownish-blonde — a hair color Few still sports even though he turned 50 on Dec. 27. (Very impressive, Mark).

    In a side-by-side glimpse at these two, you’re immediately drawn to their strong jaw lines. Germann’s epitomized the headstrong, co-head of the Cage and Fish law firm he played on TV, while Few’s is indicative of Gonzaga’s place as America’s Team.

    We wonder if Few has humorous mottos along the lines of Richard Fish’s “Fishisms.”



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