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Top 20 Craziest College Basketball Courts

December 19th, 2012| by

  • 20. Baylor

    College basketball courts are typically very simple in design. But in the new age of exotic uniform combinations, some Division I basketball programs have turned their basketball courts into art canvases – for better or for worse. We count down the 20 Craziest College Basketball Courts/

    Baylor’s two-tone scheme in which the area below the three-point line is teak-colored (compared to the normal wood outside of it) and the basketball-shaped free throw circle may have opponents shaking their heads in confusion. We suppose it’s only a matter of time until Baylor switches the teak coloring to neon. Now that will be a sight…

  • 19. Cal State Fullerton

    Inspired by its California brethren at Long Beach State, Cal State Fullerton gave its basketball court a palm-tree theme (to go along with mountains in the background). While unoriginal, it looks sharp and reminds students and players why they picked the school in the first place.

  • 18. Idaho State

    ISU’s court design goes the extra mile in paying tribute to the school’s “Bengals” nickname – not to mention one that wouldn’t look out of place on an old Camaro. Most of the court is teak-colored, but beneath the three-point line it switches to its regular color. The trippiest element is the free throw lanes, which are painted in with a tiger-stripe pattern.

  • 17. Buffalo

    At the center of the court is a giant silhouette of the state of New York. And unlike in years past, the wording that runs over the silhouette proclaims the court as the home of “State University of New York Buffalo” with “New York” enlarged. The Bulls are definitely in a “New York State of Mind.”

  • 16. Towson

    The 5,000-seat Tiger Arena has a cool and subtle reference to Towson’s nickname. Look closely at the floor and you’ll see a series of tiger stripes embossed onto the playing surface, almost like a watermark, for a really nice finish.

  • 15. Cal

    The rebranding of Cal athletics that began in April of 2013 included a noticeable update to the basketball court at Haas Pavilion. Gone from midcourt is the staid script “Cal” that had stood there for many years. In its place is an enormous stained version of the more modern and fiercer-looking rendering of a bear that was revealed as part of the rebranding.

  • 14. Long Beach State

    LBSU’s court features four sand-colored palm trees and “The Beach” written in surfer script around mid-court. The latter touch went along with the team’s unique jerseys and also serves as a reminder of the school’s three-mile proximity from the ocean. This is a surefire case of the 49ers striking gold.

  • 13. LSU

    Like several teams, the Tigers’ court features a two-tone stain design. The lighter shade is used for the area inside the 3-point arcs (save the free throw lanes) and a cool Tiger head logo at midcourt. We love the growling tiger that looks like it’s about to devour a point guard dribbling the ball across midcourt.

  • 12. George Washington

    Apparently the name “George Washington” wasn’t enough to remind opponents that the Colonials hail from our nation’s capital. The court is covered with silhouettes of the U.S. Capitol, White House and the Washington Monument that sit below the interlocking “GW” logo at center court.

  • 11. Memphis

    Following Memphis leaving it up to a fan vote to decide which of four designs would be used for the Tigers’ new home floor at FedEx Forum, the Tigers settled on this beauty: A silhouette of the Memphis cityscape in the background and a rendering of the Hernando de Soto Bridge in the foreground.

  • 10. UTEP

    UTEP basketball’s home floor at the Dom Haskins Center is eye-catching without being gaudy, as described by CBS’ Matt Norlander. The Miners have two massive pickaxes embossed onto the floor; combined, they span the entire length of the court, baseline to baseline. We love the look.

  • 9. UCF

    Central Florida basketball is apparently trying to take its basketball program back to the streets, hence the “blacktop” themed court the Knights unveiled for the 2013-14 season. We like the idea but the execution is lacking, as the court looks accidentally stained rather than blacktopped. Is it too much to ask for UCF to complete the look with chain nets?

  • 8. San Jose State

    There is now little doubt when one takes the floor at San Jose State’s Event Center that – to quote the film 300 – “this … is … Sparta!” A quintet of the fabled Greek heroes stand armed and ready below mid-court, with four of their shields spelling out “SJSU” and flanking the fifth shield with the athletic program’s logo.

  • 7. FIU

    FIU’s beach-themed basketball court makes you feel like you’re in a Corona commercial. Even crazier than the new basketball court are the courtside cabanas that FIU has at end of the court for fans to watch the game from, as if they are on South Beach at the Fontainebleau Hotel. The whole thing is so very Miami.

  • 6. Colorado State

    If at any point in your visit to Moby Arena you forget what Colorado State’s nickname is, the court at the facility has a way of “ramming it” into your head. A pair of ram’s horns, darker in color than the rest of the court, run symmetrically from center court so that it looks like the center circle there is wearing the horns.

  • 5. Drexel

    Drexel has a very unconventional court straight out of Pete’s Dragon. One’s eyes are immediately drawn to the old-timey, fire-breathing dragon nesting in a script “D” at center court of the Daskalakis Athletic Center. But if you look closer at the entire court, you’ll see the silhouette of an even bigger dragon breathing fire in the same direction as its smaller counterpart. We’re freaking out, man…

  • 4. Northern Illinois

    The Huskies’ new hardwood design for the 2014-15 season immediately became among the most unorthodox in college basketball. The court is black between three-point lines and a much lighter shade inside the arc. At center court is a huge “NIU” logo and the daunting eyes of a Huskie. At least it must be easy for refs to tell if a player’s foot is inside our outside the 3-point line.

  • 3. James Madison

    Holy Duke Dog! The Dukes were really proud of making the 2013 NCAA Tournament, earning a trip to the Big Dance for the first time in nearly two decades. They celebrated by changing the court to feature two massive Duke Dog mascot logos complete with a crown on its head. Go big or go home, right JMU?

  • 2. Oregon

    Designed by longtime Nike VP of Creative Design Tinker Hatfield, the floor at Matthew Knight Arena — which even has a title, “Deep in the Woods” — is meant to honor the Oregon “Tall Firs” that won the inaugural 1939 NCAA basketball championship. If you look down on the court from above, it’s supposed to resemble looking straight up in a forest. Most people, however, see it as “a mushroom trip gone horribly wrong.”

  • 1. Cal State Bakersfield

    Congratulations, Roadrunners of Cal State Bakersfield. Your home floor at the Icardo Center has the distinction of being the Boise State field of college basketball. The floor is almost entirely dark blue with a gigantic Roadrunner at center court. Is it us or does it look like Bakersfield plays basketball in a swimming pool?



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