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College Football’s 2013 Celebrity Look-a-Likes

October 7th, 2013| by

  • Kliff Kingsbury (Texas Tech) & Ryan Gosling

    You’d swear when watching certain college football games this season that some of the players and coaches on TV were separated at birth from famous people. Who are CFB’s Celebrity Look-a-Likes of 2013? We present 30 of the best doppelgängers.

    “E! News” was just the highest-profile outlet to point out the striking resemblance between Gosling and the Red Raiders’ hunk of a first-year head coach. Kingsbury should totally try using “Hey girl…” as a pick-up line whenever he’s out in Lubbock.

  • Mark Richt (Georgia) & Helen Hunt

    Richt might be somewhat insulted to have his facial features compared to those of a woman. But the similarity is undeniable. Plus, he’s given Bulldogs fans plenty of reasons to be mad about him over the years (rim shot).

  • Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) & Annoying Orange

    Chalk this comparison up to two things: 1) Gundy’s oft-worn, bright orange polo shirt and similar complexion; and 2) The whiny nature of his memorable “I’m a man! I’m 40!” rant. Granted, we’d rather listen to that over and over again than “Hey Apple!”

  • Aaron Murray (Georgia) & ‘McLovin’

    Murray not only physically resembles the breakout star of 2007’s Superbad, he also shares McLovin’s squeaky and high-pitched voice, penchant for “bold” fashion choices and awkwardness with the ladies. Forget the fact McLovin (played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is a fictional character – we swear these two might be related.

  • Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina) & Clifford

    Potentially the No. 1 pick in next spring’s NFL draft, Clowney sports the same hair and sunglasses as the catfish from “The Muppets.” Now if only Clowney grew out a Fu Manchu to complete the look…

  • Nick Saban (Alabama) & Billy Bob Thornton

    Thornton knows a thing or two about being a coach, having earned praise for his performance as Permian High School head man Gary Gaines in the movie adaptation of Friday Night Lights – oh, and that awful remake of The Bad News Bears.

  • Bo Pelini (Nebraska) & Tim Blake Nelson

    We can’t say it any better than Lafayette, LA, sports anchor Tom Martin when describing the similarities between these two: “If Tim Blake Nelson plays Bo Pelini in a made-for-Lincoln TV movie entitled, ‘F**k You, Fans,’ everything will be right in the world.”

  • Steve Addazio (Boston College) & Sgt. Slaughter

    What a shame that most of Addazio’s players weren’t alive when Sgt. Slaughter enjoyed his heyday as a wrestler. Otherwise his hypothetical threats to punish disobedience with Slaughter’s “Cobra Clutch” would be much more effective.

  • De’Anthony Thomas (Oregon) & Michael K. Williams

    If Thomas hasn’t put a scar on his face and dressed up as Omar from “The Wire” for Halloween, it would be a damn shame because the Ducks’ star looks like Williams’ younger brother. Whenever he returns a kickoff or takes a pitch to the outside, Thomas should start whistling “The Cheese Stands Alone.” De’Anthony comin’!

  • Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) & Fee Waybill

    If the reigning Heisman Trophy winner grew out his hair, he could totally pass for Waybill, the lead singer and songwriter of the 1970s band The Tubes. Heck, Waybill’s given first name is also “John.”

  • Todd Gurley (Georgia) & Sideshow Bob

    Gurley’s dreadlocks don’t have nearly the volume of the ultra-perm worn by Bart’s nemesis from “The Simpsons.” But it’s not that far off, either.

  • Brady Hoke (Michigan) & Jeff Garlin

    In his 2007 movie I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, Garlin responds to his mom’s “That shirt makes you look fat” comment with, “That’s because I am fat. If anything, I make the shirt look fat.” If we didn’t know better, we would’ve assumed that was a Brady Hoke quote.

  • Mike London (Virginia) & Cee Lo Green

    London’s sizable, shaved head and penchant for shades on the sideline make him what we’d imagine Cee Lo would look like if he had gone into football coaching instead of music. Do you think that London ever kicks back after a hard day at work with some Goodie Mob?

  • Mike Leach (Washington State) & Vince Gill

    It’s a shame that Leach was Oklahoma’s offensive coordinator for just one season, in 1999. It was in that year that he led the offense of his country music-singing doppelgänger’s favorite team (Gill was born in Norman and grew up in Oklahoma City).

  • Louis Nix (Notre Dame) & Fat Albert

    If Nix showed up to a Notre Dame press conference in a red sweater and white collared shirt to complete the illusion, we’d keel over in laughter. Hey hey hey!

  • Trent Miles (Georgia State) & Uncle Fester

    The first-year Panthers head coach hopes the light bulb comes on for his players now that GSU is playing with the big boys of the FBS. Hopefully Miles won’t try to light said bulb by sticking it in his mouth, a la his “Addams Family” look-a-like.

  • Taylor Martinez (Nebraska) & Channing Tatum

    Both Martinez’s stats and accuracy and Tatum’s sway as a legitimate star have both improved over the last year or two. But as far as many Nebraska fans are concerned, for every box office smash-like play Martinez makes, he produces a bomb of epic proportions. Tatum can relate after last summer’s “White House Down.”

  • Brett Hundley (UCLA) & Jaleel White

    Coincidentally, White – most famous for playing Steve Urkel on “Family Matters” – is a UCLA alum and one of the Bruins’ most well-known celebrity fans. In pacing the offense to 48.0 PPG, Hundley hasn’t had many “Did I do that?” instances in his redshirt sophomore season.

  • AJ McCarron (Alabama) & Ben Schwartz

    You probably know Schwartz best as the hilarious Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on “Parks and Recreation.” And you know what? The more we’ve gotten to know McCarron off the field, the more he seems to share that same kind of “YOLO” approach to life.

  • Joey Jones (South Alabama) & Dr. Oz

    Just as Dr. Oz guides TV viewers through their health fears, Jones is leading a steady South Alabama ship in the Jaguars’ second season in the FBS. South Alabama is 2-3 and very nearly upset Tennessee in Knoxville on Oct. 29th.

  • Dana Holgorsen (West Virginia) & Will Patton

    Currently seen on TNT’s “Falling Skies,” Patton played T.C. Williams High School assistant coach and defensive mastermind Bill Yoast in Remember the Titans. Mountaineers fans probably wish Holgo shared even a shred of Yoast’s love of defense.

  • Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M) & Mike Tomlin

    If Tomlin’s Steelers continue to struggle this season, how funny would it be if the Pittsburgh brass decided to replace him with the Aggies’ head man and seemingly identical twin? Also, if these two and Omar Epps were all in the same place at the same time, the universe might explode.

  • David Fales (San Jose State) & Taylor Kitsch

    Fales’ Spartans share the exact same color scheme as the Dillon High Panthers, for whom Kitsch played mercurial fullback Tim Riggins. Since Fales has a potential NFL future, we certainly hope he doesn’t share the same self-destructive tendencies as Riggins.

  • Marcus Mariota (Oregon) & Rob Kardashian

    The Oregon QB and reality TV star share dark complexions, similar facial structures and those thick eyebrows. NFL teams are certainly hoping Mariota keeps the weight off better than his more famous doppelgänger.

  • Bret Bielema (Arkansas) & Rob Riggle

    Riggle has recently garnered a lot of acclaim for his ability (and willingness) to play the galoot-ish a**hole in a lot of film and TV comedies. Critics of Bielema would gladly latch on to “galoot-ish a**hole” as a fitting descriptor for the antagonistic, first-year Razorbacks head coach.

  • James Franklin (Vanderbilt) & David Blaine

    Franklin has done Blain proud and pulled off one of the best “magic tricks” in the SEC in recent memory: Turned the long moribund Commodores into a force to be reckoned with.

  • Jimbo Fisher (Florida State) & Paul Lieberstein

    Lieberstein is better known as Toby Flenderson from “The Office,” a show for which he was also a writer, director, producer and showrunner. With each win, Fisher is distancing himself from any semblance of Toby’s sad-sack reputation.

  • Larry Coker (UTSA) & Jonathan Banks

    Banks most recently gained critical acclaim for his portrayal of “fixer” Mike Ehrmantraut on “Breaking Bad.” If he existed in real life, doppelgänger Coker would no doubt consider Ehrmantraut’s services to erase evidence of his end days at Miami (FL).

  • Carl Pelini (Florida Atlantic) & Joe Pantoliano

    Pantoliano has made a living playing scumbag characters such as “Guido the Killer Pimp” (Risky Business) and Cypher (The Matrix). Pelini is hoping for a similar “make the best out of nothing” scenario at FAU.

  • Braxton Miller (Ohio State) & Lil B

    The Buckeyes’ star, dual threat QB has himself a hip-hop look-a-like in the form of the multifaceted Lil B, a.k.a. “The BasedGod,” whose work draws from a large variety of genres. Do these two share a tattoo artist?



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