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CFB’s Most Intimidating Strength Coaches

September 23rd, 2013| by

  • 5. Joe Miday (Western Kentucky)

    While college football head coaches cut an intimidating cloth, it’s often another figure that players tremble at the sight of: The strength and conditioning coaches, who help prepare the team for the torturous environments of game day with … well, something close to actual physical torture. And as you’re about to find out, the strength and conditioning boys normally have a couple screws loose. Here are our picks for the Most Intimidating Strength Coaches in College Football based on their presence and level of sadism.

    How do you convince your players to run through a brick wall? By doing stuff equally crazy yourself.

    Such is the rationale that Joe Miday became known for over the last two years, when he served as the head strength and conditioning coach at Marshall. (He joined Bobby Petrino’s WKU staff this past offseason.) Prior to one Thundering Herd game, Miday had a colleague break a paddle over his back. But that wasn’t enough. Miday then had a paddle broken over his back for another game – with said paddle on fire. And then there was the time before the 2011 St. Petersburg Bowl that Miday told his team to “lock the gate and swallow the key” and then drove the message home by swallowing an actual key.

    Here’s hoping that these tactics become a regular occurrence at Hilltoppers’ games.

  • 4. Bennie Wylie (Texas)

    Texas’ football program might be in decline but don’t blame strength coach Bennie Wylie. One of the best at his position in the nation, his hulking physical appearance has been compared to a “Greek God.”

    And the man only knows one speed: Going all out. When Texas players hit the practice field, they are required to start running as soon as they get to the goal line. Even guys on crutches need to start hauling once they get there.

    Wylie also runs an offseason workout program called “County Fair” that is the stuff of legends – and nightmares. One UT player admitted it actually haunts his dreams. Said junior CB Quandre Diggs: “County Fair is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.”

    It’s all the more demoralizing when you realize that Wylie himself could run circles around you during the workout.

  • 3. Tommy Moffitt (LSU)

    How do you know when Tommy Moffitt is around? He’s the guy always screaming at the top of his lungs. “He screams when he talks to his child, so you know coach Moffitt is intense, man,” said defensive tackle Anthony Johnson in a YouTube clip.

    “He’s pretty much the founding father of toughness here,” added quarterback Zach Mettenberger. Oh, and you don’t want to be on his sh*t list. Moffitt once infamously posted a sign in the LSU locker room telling scouts not to ask him about certain players because, “The following athletes miss workouts and always have an excuse. These men lack the self discipline and motivation to take care of their responsibilities,” along with a list of names.

    In other words: Don’t mess with me, otherwise you mess with your NFL futures.

  • 2. Scott Cochran (Alabama)

    Standing next to Scott Cochran, head coach Nick Saban would come across as mild-mannered.

    The Crimson Tide’s secret weapon to winning three of the last four national titles is one of the most celebrated and energetic strength and conditioning coaches in college football. “You can’t contain that guy,” said ex-Alabama WR Julio Jones. “He’s just a loose cannon.”

    A disciple of Moffitt’s, Cochran is like a Tasmanian devil that never seems to run out of energy. His gravelly, Cajun voice can be heard blasting throughout the Crimson Tide’s weight room, uttering epic motivational lines such as:

    • “Pay the cost to be the boss!”

    • “It’s on like Donkey Kong today!”

    • “It ain’t f*ckin’ play time!”

    • “Make today count!”

    • “Git iiiiiiiiiit!”

    • “Doubt me, pay the price!”

    • “Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!”

    And our personal favorite: “If it feels good, you ain’t doin’ it right!”

  • 1. Rusty Whitt (Louisiana)

    Whitt first gained notoriety during his team’s 2011 New Orleans Bowl victory when, during the first quarter, he stood stoically as blood from an open wound — caused by head-butting one of his players too hard — streamed down his face. With sunglasses on inside the Superdome, Whitt resembled The Terminator.

    The head wound was probably the equivalent of a scratch for the former U.S. Army Senior Special Forces Communication Sergeant, who served two tours of duty in Iraq during the 2000s. A civilian since early 2009, Whitt now has his Ragin’ Cajun players doing special forces-like exercises to stay strong during the season. His workouts include military-style gas masks, weighted backpacks and sandbag runs – just to name a few.

    It’s little wonder that UL players refer to college football’s most intimidating strength coach as a “bad mutha.”





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