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Hottest Photos of Johnny Manziel’s New Maxim Model, Kyndal Kyaire

April 16th, 2014| by

  • Johnny Baseball?

    ​Another day, another model for Johnny Manziel.

    After previously seen dating models Sarah Savage and Lauren Hanley, Johnny Football took in a Texas Rangers game in Arlington on April 16th alongside – you guessed it – a new model named Kyndal Kyaire.

    Take a closer look at the potential new “Mrs. Football,” like the older gentlemen on the left in this photo…

  • Back in Black

    ​Kyndal, 24, lives in San Diego but is originally from Sacramento.

  • Party Girl

    ​When not modeling, Kyaire is a bottle server at Fluxx Nightclub in San Diego.

  • Hometown Hottie

    ​Kyndal got a big break in her modeling career when she was featured in Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” competition.

  • Laying Out

    ​Kyaire isn’t just a pretty face, she graduated from Sacramento State with a degree in entrepreneurship and marketing.

  • Staying Strong

    Kyndal wrote on her Facebook page: “Modeling is a challenge and confidence is needed because you will experience rejection, but with rejection comes success!! Keep pushing forward!!”

    We’re guessing she doesn’t deal with too much rejection from men, however.

  • California Girl

    ​San Diego was the perfect place to meet Manziel; that’s where he’s training for the 2014 NFL Draft with quarterback guru George Whitfield.

  • Getting Comfy

    ​It’s too bad the San Diego Chargers already have Philip Rivers; we’re guessing Johnny Football wouldn’t mind hanging around town a little longer.

  • Feeling Leggy

    ​This is the third model Manziel has been seen having fun with in the last year. At this rate, he’ll end up dating more models than Leonardo DiCaprio and Derek Jeter combined.

  • Sexy in Swimwear

    ​Of course, every California girl has to feel comfortable in swimwear…

  • Heating Up

    ​… and Kyndal definitely looks comfortable….

  • Feeling Tropical

    ​… no matter the bathing suit…

  • Taking a Dip

    ​… or if she’s at the beach or the pool.

  • Covering Up

    We’re guessing Kyndal doesn’t use a blanket to cover up at the beach much in sunny Southern California.

  • Off To Bed

    ​Of course, Kyndal also looks amazing in lingerie.

  • More Time Between The Sheets

    ​We have a feeling Johnny Football would rather be watching this than a baseball game.

  • Black & White

    The best part about Kyndal? She can look equally great in a wife beater and jeans.

  • Keeping It Real

    ​In fact, Kyndal might look her best in a simple white tank top…

  • Feel The Burn

    ​… especially if you throw a little heat into the mix.

  • Get This Party Started

    ​There’s no bigger party animal than Johnny Manziel. Judging by this picture of Kyndal with a massive champagne bottle, this could be the perfect fit.

  • Natural Beauty

    ​Kyndal doesn’t need Photoshop to look great…

  • Dark & Stormy

    ​… and something about those dark features and eyes just draw you in…

  • Back To The Beach

    ​… especially in an outfit like this.

  • Glamming It Up

    ​Will we see Kyndal Kyaire join Johnny Manziel in the NFL draft green room on May 8th or will he be seeing another model by then?

    You never know when it comes to the love life of Johnny Football…



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