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Hottest Pictures of Aaron Murray’s GF, Kacie McDonnell

February 1st, 2014| by

  • Every Dawg Has Its Day

    Johnny Manziel, AJ McCarron and Blake Bortles aren’t the only college quarterbacks with better halves that leave mouths agape. Here’s a look at Kacie McDonnell, the girlfriend of
    Georgia QB Aaron Murray…

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  • Strike The Pose

    She’s also an aspiring model who has certainly caught the attention of the internet.

  • From ACC to SEC

    Kacie definitely has a type, as she previously dated former Florida State quarterback and current Minnesota Vikings signal-caller Christian Ponder. She’s also dated Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jonathan Pettibone.

  • City of Brotherly Love

    McDonnell is a Philly girl who graduated from Villanova in 2012 and currently works for Fox 29 Philly.

  • Her Big Break

    How did McDonnell get her big break into entertainment? A local Fiat commercial, of all things.

  • Wading Through Traffic

    Oddly enough, McDonnell is now the “Good Day” traffic reporter for FOX. We think it’s safe to say Kacie won’t be checking traffic reports for long.

  • More Than a Pretty Face

    Kacie’s also been active in raising awareness for pediatric cancer through partnerships with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

  • Stealth Mode

    It goes without saying that Kacie looks pretty flattering in black.

  • More Swimwear

    And really any bathing suit.

  • Glamour Shot

    Kacie isn’t always looking so glamorous. As she describes it, “Weekdays at 4:25 am I unravel my curlers and gear up to produce and report the latest and greatest traffic updates for my fellow Philadelphians.” 4:25 AM?! That’s bedtime in college.

  • Sir Charles in Charge

    Like any recent college grad, McDonnell still finds time to have fun. Here she is partying with Charles Barkley, an athlete she has yet to date. We think…

  • Center of Attention

    Word of Kacie’s good looks have spread around Philly so quickly she’s becoming quite the celebrity herself.

  • The Dilemma

    With Murray about to be drafted into the NFL, McDonnell faces a dilemma about whether to stay in Philly for a long distance relationship or relocate for Aaron.

  • Philly Girl

    McDonnell is a Philly girl through and through, having grown up in nearby Pottsville, PA. She must be praying the Dallas Cowboys don’t draft her man.

  • Minneapolis Bound?

    How awkward would it be if the Minnesota Vikings drafted Murray to replace Ponder? We’re guessing Kacie would enjoy the revenge on her ex.

  • Or Else…

    Of course, judging by Kacie’s portfolio, being a traffic girl or sideline reporter aren’t the only career options for someone with her looks.

  • Steely Gaze

    This is for sure: Aaron Murray better hang onto Kacie, because she’s already proven there are plenty of other athletes tripping over themselves to date her.




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