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Photos: Johnny Manziel’s Best Off-the-Field Moments

April 24th, 2014| by

  • No Shirt, No Service

    For the bevy of awards he won and records he set at Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel’s off-the-field antics in College Station were arguably even more epic than his exploits between the lines.

    Starting with the first time Johnny Football came to the attention of the public at large: Following his arrest in June 2012 on three separate misdemeanors stemming from a late-night fight in College Station, leading to a now-infamous mug shot of a shirtless Manziel.

  • Ruh Roh, Raggy

    Halloween 2012 was the moment when we truly realized we had a rock star quarterback on our hands. That’s when Manziel took to the College Station streets in a Scooby Doo onesie and proceeded to have the time of his life on the streets…

  • Every Dog Has Its Day

    ​… and the dance floor…

  • Scooby Snacks

    … and, well, wherever this is in College Station…

  • Bro So Hard

    ​We think it’s safe to say Manziel – then just 20 – took advantage of Mexico’s drinking age of 18…

  • Heisman Arm Candy

    When Manziel travelled to New York to accept the stiff-armed statue, he had some company in the form of then-girlfriend Sarah Savage, who left us seeing red.

  • Ready for Her Closeup

    After Savage caught people’s eyes during Manziel’s Heisman weekend, we later learned that she was an aspiring model. Which surprised no one.

  • Top Ten by the Top Dog

    Two days after his Heisman win, Johnny Football read the nightly Top Ten on the “Late Show With David Letterman.” And looked dapper doing so, outfitted in a tuxedo.

  • Laughing it Up on Leno

    One week later he was in Los Angeles to appear on Jay Leno’s show. Ever the gentleman, he presented fellow guest Megan Fox with a baby-sized Aggies jersey for her newborn son.

  • Best Seats in the House

    Perhaps worn out by the post-Heisman circus, Manziel kicked back shortly before Christmas 2012 with court-side seats to the Heat-Mavericks game in Dallas.

  • All-Access Pass

    The Heisman must be the sports equivalent of a VIP pass to anywhere and everywhere. Such as the Houston Rockets locker room, where Manziel taught James Harden how to strike the stiff-armed pose after a December 2012 game.

  • The Aggies’ Spark

    Manziel’s party spot following A&M’s demolition of Oklahoma in the 2013 Cotton Bowl was Dallas’ Avenu Lounge. That’s where he provided us with an image that everyone thinks of now when they hear his name: With a lit sparkler in his mouth and a bottle of bubbly in his left hand.

  • Show Me the Money

    Manziel’s family made a considerable amount of money through the Texas petroleum industry, and Johnny Football’s never been shy about flaunting it. Case in point: This photo with cash aplenty at the WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma shortly after the 2013 Cotton Bowl.

  • Let the Good Times Roll

    A city like New Orleans and an event like Mardi Gras are mother’s milk to a party-lover like Manziel. If anything, we would’ve been surprised if he wasn’t there in 2013.

  • Pucker Up

    Manziel spent Spring Break 2013 in Cabo — where two lovely, bikini-clad coeds showed him some love with simultaneous kisses on either cheek. Manziel’s face just screams “I love being me.”

  • Party People

    ​… real safe to say…

  • The King and I

    Manziel crossed paths with another basketball star (only the best player on the planet) in LeBron James in San Antonio in April 2013.

  • High and Outside

    How do you make an ultra-cool Heisman winner nervous? Allow him to throw a ceremonial first pitch like the Texas Rangers did in the spring of 2013. Johnny Football’s delivery was very high and outside.

  • Stay Classy, San Diego

    No such jitters existed when Manziel threw out another ceremonial first pitch, for the San Diego Padres, one month later. The team even gave him a jersey with the Heisman’s likeness stitched in, and Johnny Football went yard while taking batting practice. Of course he did.

  • Hitting the Links

    If you thought Manziel’s dissection of the Alabama defense in 2012 was impressive, you’d be similarly blown away by his purported 79 at world-famous Pebble Beach in May 2013.

  • Going Country

    When A&M graduate, lifelong Aggies fan and country music artist Granger Smith was shooting the music video for his single “Silverado Bench Seat,” he extended an invitation to Manziel to appear in it. Manziel happily accepted.

  • Hurricane at Harry’s

    Not long after the “Silverado Bench Seat” video was released, Manziel was at Hurricane Harry’s in College Station with another country artist, Wade Bowen, on stage. Johnny Football’s singing ability? Let’s just say he’s better off sticking to football.

  • Rappers Delight

    If you ask Manziel, he’ll always be a hip-hop fan first and foremost. Once a longtime idolizer of Drake, he’s now close friends with him.

  • Ross is the Boss

    He’s also found the time to hang with Rick Ross…

  • Proud Lion

    …and got a shout out from Snoop Lion when the rapping luminary turned reggae artist posted a photo of himself sporting Manziel’s No. 2 jersey to Instagram.

  • New Girl

    With all due respect to Snoop, he doesn’t rock the Johnny Football jersey as captivatingly as Lauren Hanley, who Manziel started seeing early in 2014…

  • Star Treatment

    ​Needless to say, Hanley quickly gained her own set of fans about being introduced to the internet.

  • Newest Girl

    Embedded image permalink

    … but evidently stopped seeing not long thereafter. For it was in April 2014 that Johnny Football took in another Texas Rangers game with another model, Kyndal Kyaire (whom the guy on the left seemed to enjoy the company of).

  • Another Day, Another Model

    ​If Johnny Football keeps going at this rate, he’ll end up dating more models than Derek Jeter and Leonardo DiCaprio combined.

  • Life is Good

    Yes, she appears to be on friendly terms with Johnny Football. A man who’s had a wild ride off the field that the rest of us can only dream of.



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