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Halloween’s Top 5 Best College Football Costumes

October 31st, 2012| by

  • 5. Zombie Gene Chizik

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    Happy Halloween! If you’re looking to dress up tonight to celebrate the occasion but haven’t thought of anything yet, let us lend you some inspiration with our picks for the Top 5 College Football Halloween Costumes of 2012.

    Auburn’s 1-7 start has most likely sealed the fate of coach Gene Chizik, whose hopes of retaining his job beyond 2012 look dead as a door nail. A perfect excuse, then, to dress as Zombie Gene Chizik.

    Not only is it an ingenious costume idea by the young woman pictured, she also augmented it with very cheap supporting props: A tinfoil football meant to resemble the BCS crystal trophy and a piece of paper that has “Have you seen Cam?” written on it in Sharpie.

    Auburn fans probably laughed at this costume hilariously. Before sighing and realizing that it’s painfully spot on.

  • 4. Vols Toddler as Jon Gruden

    A young Tennessee fan named Luke was the darling of Vols Nation this time last year for his adorable Derek Dooley costume, complete with orange pants, a headset (borrowed from his dad’s Xbox system) and a black vinyl Superman wig.

    Things have gotten so bad for Dooley since then that even little Luke is jumping ship. And his parents, namely his mom Courtney, are now part of a growing legion of Vols fans calling for ESPN “Monday Night Football” analyst Jon Gruden as the news Vols head coach. Thus, Luke is trick-or-treating on Wednesday as Coach Chucky as he would appear as UT’s coach.

    “Obviously not as creative as Toddler Dooley, but over the last few years Halloween has been the only positive thing in the fall for us Vols fans,” Courtney explained in an e-mail to Outkick the Coverage. “And I didn’t have to bribe my 2-year-old to wear a wig this time.”

    All Courtney needed to do was teach Luke the “Gruden Sneer,” which he absolutely nailed.

  • 3. WVU Heisman Trophy

    On Monday, we expressed out admiration for a West Virginia fan who went all-out with his Heisman Trophy costume. But that was before we were introduced to WVU student Josh Valentine, whose portrayal of the famous stiff-armed statue is even better.

    Two major characteristics that Valentine has over the first Heisman we highlighted: 1) He has the pose down correctly, and 2) It looks like he has a legitimate, old-fashioned leather helmet. (Or at the very least a rugby “helmet,” which looks very similar.)

    That being said, the first guy had the proper bronze coloring down while Valentine is painted in gold. No matter. We hereby award Valentine the Heisman for Heisman costumes.

  • 2. Baby Dana Holgorsen

    Thanks to an ingenious West Virginia fan/parent, we now realize that Dana Holgorsen’s balding mullet hairstyle best resembles that of an infant. The little tyke also has a black Mountaineers polo shirt, a headset and a piece of paper meant to resemble a sheet of plays. But it’s the hair that really does it.

    So who is the little guy? No one on the internet or the Twittersphere seems to know yet. Twitter user John Allevato brought the picture to people’s attention on Monday, but he said that it was not his kid and simply “a picture I saw and tweeted.”

    Whoever is the brains behind this fantastic costume, please step forward so you can collect praise from college football fans everywhere.

  • 1. Bobby Petrino & Jessica Dorrell

    Cute and wholesome are always acceptable when it comes to Halloween costumes. But there’s something amazing about anything that skirts the edge of appropriateness. Such as what Bridgette and Joey Walter showed off to the world back on Oct. 22.

    The Bryant, AR, couple nailed the details of their Petrino and Dorrell costumes. Joey sported a white Arkansas hat, red Arkansas windbreaker, a neck brace and red scar splotches painted on his face. He’s pictured arm-in-arm with Bridgette, who is wearing a platinum blonde wig along with a form-fitting red shirt similar to the one Dorrell wore in this widely-circulated photo.

    While there were certainly many “Bobby and Jessica” costumes this year, they were the originators. And at whatever Halloween parties the Walters attended this year, we’re certain that they were awarded “Best Costumes” at each.







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