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Ranking CFB Head Coaches’ Dance Moves

November 26th, 2013| by

  • 10. Mark Dantonio (Michigan State)

    We’ve seen several head college football coaches bust a move to celebrate a win in recent years. Whereas some were blessed with an ability to get down, others were clearly not. Here’s how we rank those coaches who’s post-win boogying we’ve chronicled.

    Dantonio’s brought a winning attitude to Michigan State, which has now enjoyed three seasons of 10 wins or more in the last four years. Alas, he needs to work on challenging himself as a post-victory dancer.

    Following both the Wisconsin game in 2012 and the Michigan game this year (video above), Dantonio has done a lot of jumping up and down but nothing side-to-side. It’s as if he’s encased in an invisible phone booth.

  • 9. Paul Chryst (Pitt)

    There was some hip-hop blaring in the Panthers’ locker room after they upset Notre Dame earlier this season. Their head coach, however, was grooving to it as if it were one of those calypso bands that plays at Club Med.

    He’s clearly trying so hard with his upper body that his feet seemingly refuse to leave the ground. Move them puppies, Paul!

  • 8. Butch Jones (Tennessee)

    Now wrapping up his first year at Tennessee, Jones finished his three-year tenure at Cincinnati in … well, we wouldn’t call it style. But it definitely is something.

    Props to Jones for trying to get low after Cincy clinched a four-way tie for the Big East title by beating UConn last season. He goes off the rails a little when he pulls out a move we’ll call the “butter churner” before somewhat redeeming himself by making it rain with a pretend pile of cash.

  • 7. Rich Rodriguez (Arizona)

    Knowing how to pop-and-lock is something that takes practice. And with a little more practice, RichRod could become quite capable at it.

    The highlight of Rodriguez’s admirable attempt at a standard breakdancing move is the Wildcats player in the No. 2 jersey in the background, seemingly not believing that his eyes are seeing what they’re seeing.

  • 6. Frank Beamer (Virginia Tech)

    If Beamer didn’t put in a lot of effort to his dances, we’d understand. After all, the man turned 67 in October. But not only does he try, he’s shown a willingness to try new moves.

    It started out with his opening act in the Hokies’ rendition of “The Harlem Shake.” Then there was his victory dance earlier this season following VT’s 17-10 triumph over Georgia Tech (above) – which, it’s worth noting, he did without the aid of music thumping in the background.

  • 5. Jerry Kill (Minnesota)

    The Gophers’ surprisingly strong 2013 campaign can be best summed up by Kill’s unannounced appearance in the locker room – he’s missed several games this season as he continues to battle epilepsy – following their 24-10 victory over Penn State.

    At 52 years young, Kill jumps right into the post-win fray, and he gets low. Not only that, he keeps it up for longer than most of his counterparts across the sport could.

    Welcome back, Coach Kill.

  • 4. Kevin Sumlin (Texas A&M)

    Admittedly, what Sumlin did in the Aggies’ locker room following their comeback victory over Ole Miss in 2012 wasn’t a dance, per se. The reason he’s No. 4 on our list stems from the pure, unadulterated energy the then-first-year Texas A&M head coach displayed.

    We’ve seen players tearing through the locker room and screaming like banshees after big wins, but rarely head coaches. If you were a high school football recruit and watched this, wouldn’t you commit to the Aggies in a heartbeat?

  • 3. Mike London (Virginia)

    Prior to his second season with the Cavaliers in 2011, London was kind enough to share footage of his home life with Comcast SportsNet Washington. Never in a million years did CSN likely expect video footage of London doing dance exercises, yet that’s exactly what they got.

    The move above was our favorite of the five that our friends at The Key Play preserved in GIF form for posterity’s sake. Admit it: You look just as ridiculous whenever you’ve used an Xbox Kinect or the like.

  • 2. Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State)

    Nothing in Mike Gundy lore will ever top “I’m a man! I’m 40!” But if there was a worthy silver medalist, it would no doubt be how he celebrated the Pokes’ big win over eighth-ranked Texas A&M in 2011.

    Everyone says that twerking is something that entered the mainstream in 2013. Seeing as how Gundy’s famous dance moves came two years before, he should be saluted for being so ahead of the game.

  • 1. James Franklin (Vanderbilt)

    Go ahead and cue up “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones to the GIF of our pick for college football’s best head coaching dance moves.

    Vandy’s James Franklin was clearly weaned on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” as evidenced by a spot-on impression of the “Carlton Dance” during the Commodores’ fall practice this year. All he needs is an ugly 1990s sweater and he’d be good to go.



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