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Ranking Manziel’s Best Party Animal Moments

April 11th, 2013| by

  • 5. Money Manziel

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    Has any college football player in recent memory abided by the “carpe diem” mindset off the field quite like Johnny Manziel? Before, during and after his redshirt freshman season, the Texas A&M star QB has flaunted a life that would make any red-blooded male green with envy. In advance of Manziel’s highly anticipated sophomore season, we rank his best Party Animal Moments.

    After torching Oklahoma for 516 total yards and four touchdowns in a 42–13 Cotton Bowl win on January 4th, Manziel rewarded himself with a trip to the WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, OK. He wasn’t discrete about it, either, tweeting a photo that showed him fanning himself with a stack of bills.

    While he later deleted the tweet with the aforementioned photo, Manziel remained adamant that there was nothing wrong with him being at the casino — one of many retorts he’s had on Twitter in response to his “haters.”

  • 4. Shirt Optional

    Manziel made a name for himself before ever playing a game for the Aggies. Was it because the hype surrounding “Johnny Football” was just that unstoppable? No, actually — it was because of a now infamous mugshot of a shirtless Manziel after his arrest last June in College Station.

    Why Manziel was sans shirt after being charged with disorderly conduct, failure to identify and possession of a fictitious driver’s license is still beyond us. But he clearly worked his way back into his coaches’ good graces shortly thereafter, as he was named the Aggies’ starting QB a month later.

    If he could have a do-over, Manziel would surely find another way to introduce himself to the world at large.

  • 3. Double Dose of Spring Break Love

    Johnny Football does things bigger and better than most of the rest of us. Including Spring Break.

    Whereas most other college students would consider a road trip to Daytona Beach to be the trip of a lifetime, Manziel spent Spring Break 2013 in Cabo — where two lovely, bikini-clad coeds showed him some love with simultaneous kisses on either cheek. Manziel’s face just screams “I love being me.”

    For Manziel’s sake, we hope that this is the extent to his friendliness with other women. We’d lose some serious respect for him if somehow screwed things up with his fetching model girlfriend, Sarah Savage.

  • 2. Scooby Doo, That’s Who

    Halloween 2012 may have marked the tipping point from when Manziel crossed over from being a mere freshman phenom into a college football folk hero.

    Johnny Football was already having a notable season by then, having thrown for 16 TDs and over 2,200 yards in leading SEC newcomer A&M to a surprising 6–2 start. He became a household name, however, when he was photographed around College Station in a full-body Scooby Doo costume — much to the delight of several scantily-clad ladies photographed with him that night.

    Oh, and Manziel’s stat line in the Aggies’ four regular season games post-Scooby Doo costume? 1,590 total yards (1,203 passing and 387 rushing) and 14 total TDs (eight passing and six rushing), spearheading big road wins over Mississippi State and Alabama as well as routs of Sam Houston State and Missouri.

    It must have been because of all those Scooby Snacks from Halloween…

  • 1. Sparkle Motion

    We might have to do some research to substantiate this claim, but as far as we know Manziel might be the first freshman athlete whose off-the-field activities TMZ deemed story-worthy.

    “I Can Booze With My Mama in Texas” reads the headline of the story, accompanied by photos of Manziel living it up at Dallas’ Avenu Lounge following Texas A&M’s aforementioned Cotton Bowl victory. With a bottle of Dom Perignon in his hand, many folks saw an athlete overindulging in the fruits of his success.

    In fact, since Manziel was accompanied to Avenu by both his parents, he could have had as much to drink as he wanted. (Texas is one of the states that allows minors to drink in the presence of a consenting parent.) And apparently, Manziel didn’t drink at all, merely using the bottle of Dom as a prop for various photos.

    The picture of him also holding a sparkler in his mouth sums up why it’s Johnny Football’s world and we’re all just living in it.




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