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Ranking Oregon Football’s Ugliest Uniforms Ever

September 10th, 2013| by

  • 5. Mellow Yellow (2003-2004)

    For more than a decade, Oregon has boasted uniforms bolder and more plentiful than any college football team in the land. However, in several cases, that high quantity didn’t equate to high quality. At all. We rank the Ducks’ ugliest football uniforms ever.

    Oregon and Nike have always tried to be bold, and one of their early attempts to do so was the Ducks’ almost all-yellow uniforms in the early 2000s. But instead of looking bold, these duds with massively oversized numbering just looked really cheap. Throw in the green arm pits that looked like bad stains and you have monochromatic disasters.

  • 4. BCS Mess (2011)

    The 2011 BCS National Championship Game represented all that Oregon and Nike’s marketing folks had worked for, the culmination of an undefeated run through the regular season. Yet when competing for college football’s highest prize, the Ducks put us to sleep with predominantly gray threads (not to mention a mere 19 points of offense in a 22–19 loss to Auburn).

    It made no sense for Oregon to wear uniforms that lacked any sort of pizzazz. After becoming a nationally recognized program due to the fact that they’re uniforms stood out on TV, its title game uniforms resembled concrete – save for the bright neon socks, which looked horribly tacked on.

  • 3. Home Unsweet Home (1999–2002)

    The Joey Harrington Era in the late 1990s and early 2000s was when Oregon’s uniform experimentation truly began in earnest. It’s a shame that as the Ducks were entering a new era of success, home fans an Autzen Stadium had to spend four seasons staring at two-toned jerseys — predominantly black but with green shoulders. There were also yellow stripes which, running down the length of the pants and shirts, resembled yellow street lines.

    It’s a shame that Oregon couldn’t wear the white away version of these all the time. It lacked the two-tone design and overly gaudy striping that made its home counterpart forgettable.

  • 2. Armored and Dangerous (2006–2008)

    “Ducks” is not a fear-inspiring nickname by any stretch. Perhaps to make the moniker more combative, Oregon and Nike had the not-so-bright idea to add a steel-plate design to the knees and the shoulders. And with the exception of the white away jerseys, it was accompanied by a two-tone look.

    Particularly hilarious was when the predominantly yellow jerseys (with green shoulders) were paired with the yellow pants. No amount of armor can make even that look tough. Good thing that Oregon and Nike eventually realized that Ducks don’t want to be armored, they want to fly.

  • 1. Duck … Duck … Dud (2005)

    Our pick for the Ugliest Oregon Uniform Ever came at a time when the novelty of the futuristic uniforms from the Joey Harrington years had worn off and something bold and new was needed. What resulted was both bold and new — and in the case of the home uniforms, almost impossible to look at.

    Again, there was the ill-fated choice to go with a two-tone look, with a predominantly green jersey and neon yellow shoulders. A precursor to the ill-fated, steel-plate design appears on the upper part of the chest and over the shoulder blades in miniature diamond shapes. To top off the tackiness, “Oregon” runs across either shoulder blade.

    How bad was this fashion disaster? It made the fearsome Haloti Ngata resemble a cartoon character.





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