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College Football’s Top 10 Week Three Fails

September 17th, 2012| by

  • 10. Overexcited BYU Holder

    Our fails for Week 3 of the college football season are book-ended by premature celebrations from the Beehive State.

    No. 10 comes courtesy of BYU holder J.D. Falsev. Thinking that Cougars kicker Justin Sorensen had tied the BYU-Utah game at 24–all with no time left in regulation, Falsev started jumping up and down in jubilation – only to see Sorensen’s kick clank off the left upright.

    It’s painful to see Falsev celebrate prematurely considering that Utah’s fans and players did the same thing just minutes early and nearly lost the game because of it (more on that later in this list).

  • 9. Iowa’s Poor Punt

    An excess of backspin can work on golf approach shots. If you’re a punter? Not so much.

    With Iowa leading Northern Iowa, 27–13, in the third quarter, the Hawkeyes’ Connor Kornbrath was brought on to pin the Panthers deep in their own territory.

    From Iowa’s 49-yard line, Kornbrath’s kick traveled a paltry 25 yards in the air. After a bad bounce, the ball proceeded to roll 14 more yards in the opposite direction, only coming to a stop when a hustling Kornbrath downed his own punt. The end result: an 11-yard boot.

    Kornbrath is just a freshman, so he’ll have plenty more opportunities for better kicks. We hope.

  • 8. Hurricanes? More Like Squalls

    The announced crowd at Sun Life Stadium for the Miami (FL) home opener against Bethune-Cookman was 39,435. Odds are they PA announcers over-estimated by … oh, roughly 20,000.

    Perhaps still stinging from the Hurricanes’ 52–13 blowout loss at Kansas State the weak before, most Miami fans opted to stay at home for the team’s 38–10 win. Or maybe it was too nice a day in South Florida to bother with a football game as opposed to a trip to the beach.

    Radio host and former Hurricanes defensive lineman Dan Sileo will not be pleased.

  • 7. Dooley Disapproves

    Tennessee coach Derek Dooley should put himself in the running for the Vols featured receiver.

    One of QB Tyler Bray’s 22 incompletions on the night against Florida found its way to Dooley in the air a good five feet out of bounds. Dooley made a nice hands catch on the throw but wasn’t happy, spiking the ball in disapproval.

    If your seat was as hot as Dooley’s is after Tennessee’s 37–20 home loss, you’d be angry too.

  • 6. Beware of Ref

    Probably the only member of the Florida State team to suffer any humiliation in the Seminoles’ 52–0 rout of Wake Forest was one of its coaches.

    As Chris Thompson galloped down the sideline for a 74-yard touchdown in the second quarter, one of the referees tracking the play leveled an FSU coach. The Seminoles bench was subsequently flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct for not being far enough away from the field of play.

    Maybe it’s just us, but is the ref extending his arms in his takedown of the coach? Assessing a 15-yard penalty on someone else after delivering a hit like that just seems wrong.

  • 5. Hogs Washed

    Arkansas had its pick of lowlights in its 52–0 submission to Alabama. Punter Dylan Breeding took the cake.

    With the game stilled tied at zero, Breeding took the field for his second punt at the Hogs’ 43-yard line. The snap sailed over Breeding’s head, and when he tried to boot the ball through the end zone for a safety, he was whistled for illegal kicking.

    Eddie Lacy put the Tide up with a six-yard TD on the next play. And the Razorbacks found a GIF that perfectly encapsulates their disastrous start to 2012.

  • 4. Painful Pinky

    The second entry on this list involving a holder with a two-letter first name.

    When Rutgers lined up for a game-tying field goal against South Florida on Thursday night, J.T. Tartacoff mangled his right pinky finger while receiving the snap. He tried to get the hold down but Kyle Federico’s kick went straight into the offensive line.

    It’s been a rough start to Tartacoff’s season, as he was involved with two missed PATs the week before. Now he has a dislocated or broken pinky to show for it.

  • 3. Purdue Boils Itself

    During one play in its 54–16 win over Eastern Michigan, Raheem Mostert (No. 8) and Akeem Shavers (No. 24) lined up in the backfield on either side of QB Caleb TerBush. One of the three zigged when they were supposed to zag.

    After the shotgun snap, Mostert and Shavers ran into one another in front of TerBush, who hung onto the ball and barely managed to get back to the line of scrimmage.

    All three would be fine in the long run. TerBush passed for two TDs and rushed for another, while both Mostert and Shavers would find the end zone on the ground. But watching two running backs block each other is priceless.

  • 2. The “F” in USF

    Any hopes USF had of a miraculous, last-minute comeback against Rutgers on Thursday were snuffed out on the final kickoff to the Bulls.

    Trailing 23–13 with 1:19 remaining, USF failed to corral a kickoff in the air, which the Scarlet Knights fell on at the Bulls’ 25-yard line. It was one of those classic “I thought you had it” moments by the hosts’ kickoff team.

    Chances are excellent that Lou Holtz chided his son (and USF coach) Skip Holtz after this screw-up.

  • 1. Runnin’ Utes

    Fans prematurely rushing the field once can be understood if not condoned. When they do it twice in the same game, there’s a screw loose.

    That goes double for the second time Utah fans thought they had defeated BYU and celebrated too early. First, they rushed the field after a Riley Nelson incompletion as time appeared to expire. One second was put back on the clock for a BYU field goal kick that was blocked. Utah fans and players rushed the field again but since the ball was still live as they did it, the Utes were assessed a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty, giving the Cougars a shot to tie the game with a 37-yard field goal.

    Thankfully for Utah and its fans, that kick hit the left upright. The third time the fans rushed the field was the charm.



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