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Video: Ranking Marcus Smart’s Greatest Flops

March 12th, 2014| by

  • 5. You’re Gonna Call THAT?

    Once a surefire NBA lottery pick, Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart has seen his draft stock plummet due to unproductive play, questions concerning his temper and, most infamously, his continued penchant for egregious flopping. It’s become such a bad habit for Smart that we had to narrow down the choices for his Top Five “Greatest” Flops.

    The second of Smart’s four flops against Kansas State in the 2013 Big 12 Tournament was your standard, dubious drawn charge on an opposing player, in this case Wildcats guard Angel Rodriguez. It’s Rodriguez’s look of utter shock – “You’re gonna call a charge on that?!” – that truly made this a Marcus Smart flop to remember.

  • 4. Smart the Jenga Tower

    Whenever you play Jenga, just the slightest mishandle when attempting to remove a piece can send the whole tower of blocks crashing downward. That’s the first thing we thought of in response to the end of the OK State-Colorado game on Dec. 21.

    Smart was dribbling up floor, trying to run out the clock, when Colorado’s Josh Scott lightly touch fouled him. Only Smart reacted as if Scott had aggressively shoved him, throwing in a prolonged skid down the floor at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for added effect.

  • 3. Kung Fu Fighting

    You know you’re watching a bad Kung fu movie when one of the actors either over-embellishes or has a delayed reaction to an aggressive move by an opponent. In which case Smart’s antics in the first half against Kansas State on Jan. 4 make him Kung fu movie worthy.

    Smart successfully snuck behind a Wildcats big man to dislodge the ball. When the K-State big tried getting it back, he made light contact with Smart, who nonetheless went flying backward as if he’d be decked by an uppercut.

    Thankfully, the referee had determined well before Smart’s theatrics that he had reached in and whistled him for a foul.

  • 2. Stillwater Barrel Roll

    As he grows as a player, Smart will learn that trying to jump onto one’s man in the paint is not a legal method of ball denial.

    With Kansas’ Perry Ellis preparing to set up near the block in Stillwater on March 1, Smart jumped onto and then over Ellis. Such a move is typically whistled for pass interference in football.

    Perhaps surprised at what was transpiring in front of him, Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins threw the ball away while trying to get it down low to Ellis.

  • 1. Two-For-One Special

    When most players unsuccessfully flop in order to draw a foul, they normally get back up and start playing “honest” defense instead. Smart, however, isn’t most players.

    Matched up during one sequence with Iowa State’s DeAndre Kane on Feb. 3, Smart went flying to the floor after Kane cleared some room with his hips. Situated just behind the baseline, the closest official correctly determined that play should continue.

    With Kane driving to the hoop, Smart got back to his feet just in time to try and draw a charging call again. In this instance, the nearby official did stop the action – to whistle Smart for a blocking foul. That’s what we call “kharma.”



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