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Video: Ranking Markel Brown’s Best Career Dunks

January 15th, 2014| by

  • 5. Taking Harvard to School

    The second-leading scorer for No. 9 Oklahoma State, Markel Brown, has long been a fan favorite for his prodigal dunking ability – no small feat considering he stands just 6-foot-3 and 190 pounds. We rank the five best dunks of his Cowboys career.

    It’s safe to say that Harvard doesn’t face many players with Brown’s athleticism in the Ivy League. In the second half of their 2011 NIT contest in Stillwater, Brown turned the corner and elevated over Laurent Rivard in one fluid motion.

    Rivard appeared to pull up at the last moment so as not to get posterized while contesting the slam. Smart move.

  • 4. Leaving the Hokies Hopeless

    Brown makes up for his lack of size with an incredible ability not just to leap but to also hang in the air longer than most human beings.

    Take his dunk against Virginia Tech in the third-place game for the 2011 NIT Season Tip-Off. After a great backdoor cut, Brown elevated over the Hokies’ Dorian Finney-Smith, held the ball out of reach and flushed it with authority – by which time Finney-Smith, more governed by the laws of gravity, had already come down from his leap.

  • 3. Windmills Firing

    You’d have to imagine that a guy like Brown who makes his name as a dunker has to have a catalogue of slams to choose from whenever he’s got a clear path to the hoop.

    Against Texas last March, Brown opted for an impressive two-handed windmill. Impressive both for the ease with which he performed it and the power of the dunk itself, one that sent the rim rattling and left it a little worse for the wear.

  • 2. Around the World

    Brown didn’t have do a 360-degree spin in the air in order to finish off an alley-lop against Arkansas-Pine Bluff earlier this season. But we’re sure glad he did.

    It’s almost as if while starting his leap he realized that there weren’t any defenders in his way and just decided, “Let me give this a try.” This is not an easy dunk, yet Brown’s reaction afterward almost suggested that he could do better.

  • 1. Worthy of a Walk-Off

    If we had just pulled off a one-handed facial of an alley-oop dunk, as Brown did against second-ranked Missouri in January of 2012, we’d be just as excited as he was. Alas, the officials of the game determined that Brown was too excited, assessing him a technical foul.

    Since it was Brown’s second of the game, he was gone mere moments after blowing the roof off of Gallagher-Iba Arena. Would he have liked to have stuck around for his team’s 79-72 upset of the Tigers? No doubt. But this is a pretty good consolation prize.




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