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Will Muschamp’s Top 5 Craziest Coaching Moments

October 18th, 2012| by

  • 5. Coach Blood

    Florida is 6–0 and ranked No. 3 in the AP Poll, bringing extra exposure to the sideline insanity of head coach Will Muschamp. As the Gators prepare for a big-time SEC East clash with No. 9 South Carolina, we count down Muschamp’s Top 5 Craziest Coaching Moments.

    During Muschamp’s stint as Texas’ defensive coordinator, Longhorns players came to call Muschamp “Coach Blood”. It was a nickname he earned during his first game with the team as he scratched his face while violently ripping off his headset in frustration. With blood trickling down his cheek, Muschamp continued to coach.

    Never mind that his frustration came in a game against “mighty” Florida Atlantic. Or that he was expressing ire at his defense for allowing a first down. It’s that manic intensity that put Muschamp on the map to begin with and endears him to his players.

  • 4. Bleeping Awesome

    When Muschamp started moving up in the college football coaching world, TV crews covering his teams’ games soon learned to have a hand always hovering over the bleep button.

    Whoever had that responsibility for ESPN during the 2007 Auburn-Arkansas game — when Muschamp was in his final season as defensive coordinator for the former — was slacking off at the office. After an Auburn stop in the third quarter that got him fired up about his unit, Muschamp unleashed a string of expletives that would make a sailor blush.

    ESPN higher-ups were probably embarrassed that Muschamp’s barrage made it through the censors. Fans watching on TV, on the other hand, were probably thrilled.

    [Warning: Language is NSFW]

  • 3. Here Comes the Boom

    Another of Muschamp’s nicknames, Coach Boom, was the result of the rain of f-bombs that’s No. 4 on this list. Are we sure that Auburn players weren’t describing how scary Muschamp’s punches are?

    During a closer-than-it-should-have-been, 31–17 win at Vanderbilt last Saturday, Muschamp had a rather spirited discussion with two officials prior to a Vanderbilt field goal attempt in the third quarter. The Gators coach punctuated this talk with an air punch that could have dislodged teeth had anyone been unfortunate to be standing in his fist’s way.

    We’re big fans of Florida Gamedayr’s caption for this GIF: “One more time and I swear, you are going to get the BOOM (aka I’m going to punch you right in the face).”

  • 2. “Where’s the Back Judge?!”

    Muschamp is not unique when it comes to his penchant for screaming. Plenty of college football coaches are screamers. But to be so loud that he is heard above the din of 80,000-plus fans in a SEC stadium? On a TV broadcast? That’s talent.

    When Chris Rainey muffed a punt against Auburn in 2011, both he and Muschamp thought that Rainey was not given enough room to fair catch the ball by Auburn’s Onterrio McCalebb. A halo violation was not called, however, and Muschamp was … displeased to say the least.

    “Where’s the back judge?!” he yelled at the entire officiating crew, wondering why no one was back with Rainey to see him get interfered with. This before going around to each official to tell them that they all missed the call. Perhaps learning his lesson from when he was at Auburn in 2007, Muschamp kept his language PG for the camera.

  • 1. Giving a Hoot

    What is it about games against the Florida Atlantic Owls that bring out the extra crazy in Muschamp?

    Granted, two of the biggest games of Muschamp’s life have come against them. The “Coach Blood” incident outlined in No. 5 was his first game as Texas’ defensive coordinator, in 2008. Three years later, his debut as Florida’s head coach also came against FAU.

    There’s no other way to describe his behavior in the latter game other than “Muschamp loses his s***.” It includes a look of incredulity, some vigorous finger pointing, a near spike of his list of plays and finally some stomping around that resembles a child throwing a temper tantrum at Toys ‘R Us.

    Equally impressive was how loud the cheers at Florida Field were before the ensuing third down play.







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