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South Carolina Wants $100K Cocky Statue

November 16th, 2012| by

South Carolina’s announcement that it wanted to construct a statue of its mascot, Cocky, was not enough to garner news on its own. But the proposed price tag certainly was.

The school hopes to raise between $75,000 and $100,000 to construct the bronze statue, which will be built on the Columbia campus’ Gibbes Green. Yes, you read that correct. That’s a $100,000 price tag for a statue of a school mascot.

As expected, while some students supported the measure, others questioned the allocation of so much money to a statue of a mascot when issues pertaining to scarce parking, aging dorms and rising tuition remain unresolved.

“It just sends a terrible signal,” said Alex Imgrund, a 2006 graduate of South Carolina’s School of Law. “Who does a statue of Cocky benefit?”

“I could see if it was a major figure at USC, like (football coach Steve) Spurrier down the line, but it’s a mascot,” said senior Chelsey Allen.

Here’s hoping that common sense takes hold and the school reduces the amount of money allocated for the project or just nixes it entirely.

[The Daily Gamecock]

Photo: Frankie Creel/US Presswire




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