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South Florida Football: Bulls Get ‘The Team’ on Nameplates (PHOTO)

August 19th, 2014| by

[Update: The idea was found to be against the rules and USF will just wear jerseys without names, like they should have done all along.]

South Florida head football coach Willie Taggart is all about the team, and “THE TEAM.”

The Bulls unveiled new jerseys for the 2014 season, all of which will have “THE TEAM” inscribed on the nameplate instead of individual players’ names.

College football programs will always be devising gimmicks to enforce values of teamwork and chemistry, but USF could have been just a little less overt.

A simple removal of names would have sufficed, but it seems Taggart really wanted to hit his players over the head with teamwork.

Whether the Bulls will win more than two games this fall as a result remains to be seen.




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