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TCU’s Patterson Rips Baylor’s Briles

December 1st, 2013| by

TCU head coach Gary Patterson isn’t making many friends this year in the coaching ranks.

After ripping LSU head coach Les Miles earlier in the year, Patterson turned his wrath to fellow Big 12 coach Art Briles at Baylor on Saturday. It all started when Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon was flagged for hitting TCU wide receiver Trevone Boykin helmet-to-helmet.

Dixon continued to be on the sideline after his ejection and Briles argued the call, despite it clearly being correct.

Said Patterson: “[Dixon] takes a shot, I want him kicked out, [Briles] comes out across the field at me. [Dixon’s] laughing out in front of the cameras on the sidelines, and [Boykin has to sit out for one play]. That’s not what I call class.

“It wasn’t funny. And to come across the field at me? Nuh uh. I didn’t build this program backing down to anybody, and I’m not going to do it to him … He’s picking on the wrong guy.”

Can we get a Patterson, Miles, Briles cage match?





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