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Tennessee Fan Gets ‘Power T’ Facial Hair

September 19th, 2012| by

Hard times for certain SEC football programs has led to some outlandish behavior from their fans.

First, there was the Kentucky fan creepily dressed as the Joker. Now there’s a Tennessee fan who has facial hair in the shape of the Volunteers’ iconic “Power T.” The photo is a gift from the Twitter account @JayEzzy, who tweeted out the picture below with the text, “Attn vol fans & those who laugh at them.”

The problem with the facial hair, of course, is that the “Power Goa-T” is only formed when this individual isn’t moving his lips. Still, it obviously takes careful grooming and is pretty hilarious.

We just hope this individual didn’t shave it off after last Saturday’s brutal 37-20 loss to Florida.

[Kegs ‘N Eggs]




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