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Tide QB & Center Have Heated Exchange

January 8th, 2013| by

God bless the Reddit CFB community and their humorous headlines. Such as this one: “Notre Dame didn’t put up much of a fight, so Alabama resorted to hitting each other.”

The incident in question came midway through the fourth quarter, with the Crimson Tide comfortably ahead. When a screwed up snap count resulted in a delay of game for ‘Bama, QB AJ McCarron expressed his displeasure with center (and roommate) Barrett Jones, who subsequently shoved McCarron away.

The lovers quarrel quickly passed as McCarron gave Jones a hug on the sideline. This contentious yet beneficial relationship between the two is nothing new.

“Probably what gets under his skin so much is when I prove him wrong,” McCarron told Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News before the game. “He hates to be wrong, so I always love it when I do that.”

Meanwhile, Jones told ESPN after the game, “We’re both perfectionists. He’s an emotional guy, and we had a snap count difference. I was right … but whatever. It doesn’t matter. We love each other and gave each other a big hug. That’s just how we are, if you don’t know us.”

With Alabama winning its second straight BCS title, who are we to dispute how McCarron and Jones operate, even if it does resemble a fight at fourth grade recess?

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