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TP on Toomer’s Oaks Briefly Catches Fire

November 18th, 2012| by

Late November has proven to be a cruel time of the year for Auburn’s iconic Toomer’s Oaks.

Two years ago, Alabama fan Harvey Updyke allegedly poisoned the trees, which experts say will inevitably die. Early Sunday morning, toilet paper hanging from the oaks caught fire. Thankfully, the blaze was quickly extinguished before it could do further damage to the trees or the surrounding Toomer’s Corner area.

Reading about a close call involving the soon-to-be-dead trees is disheartening. What’s almost as sad (some would say sadder) is that Auburn fans felt compelled to roll Toomer’s Oaks after a blowout win over FCS Alabama A&M to make the Tigers’ record 3-8.

Auburn fans looking for something to encapsulate their team’s season from hell need look no further.

[The Auburn Plainsman]





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