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Trojans QB Switched Jerseys for 2-Pointer

October 24th, 2012| by

Let’s face it. It’s in USC coach Lane Kiffin’s personality to take advantage of every opportunity and every loophole to win. That includes the lack of names on the Trojans’ jerseys.

After USC scored its third touchdown against Colorado on Saturday, backup quarterback Cody Kessler — the team’s holder on placekicks — trotted onto the field. But instead of wearing his normal No. 6, Kessler was wearing the No. 35 jersey of punter Kyle Negrete.

Kessler ran a failed two-point conversion play after entering the game. When he relived starting QB Matt Barkley in the fourth quarter, he was back in his No. 6 jersey.

Kiffin and the Trojans’ coaching staff were no doubt hoping to catch Colorado off guard with the jersey change prior to the conversion attempt. The Buffaloes would never expect such two-point chicanery from a punter.

We’re not sure what we’re perturbed by more. That the Trojans tried this at all or that they tried pulling it off in a game that they ended up winning 50–6.

That’s Lane Kiffin for you.

[Orange County Register]




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