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UConn Student: New Logo Promotes Rape

April 28th, 2013| by

We had previously written about the less-than-favorable reaction from the UConn community to the school’s new Husky logo. Student and self-described feminist Carolyn Luby went a step farther in a letter to school president Susan Herbst, claiming the new logo will “intimidate women and empower rape culture.”

In particular, Luby was bothered by the assessment of women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma, who said the logo “is looking right through you and saying, ‘Do not mess with me.’ This is a streamlined, fighting dog, and I cannot wait for it to be on our uniforms and court.”

“What terrifies me about the admiration of such traits is that I know what it feels like to have a real life Husky look straight through you and to feel powerless, and to wonder if even the administration cannot ‘mess with them,’ ” Luby wrote in her letter to Herbst while claiming that there were two sexual assaults at UConn involving athletes in the past year. “And I know I am not alone.”

While rape is an extremely sensitive subject, we have a hard time seeing the connection between a logo and sexual assault.

[The Daily Caller]




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