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UH’s Levine Pulls Epic April Fools’ Joke

April 2nd, 2012| by

Many college football fans still have no idea who rookie Houston Cougars head coach Tony Levine is but if he keeps pulling more stunts like this, they will know his name very shortly.

That’s because Levine concocted an epic April Fools’ joke on Sunday in which the Cougars issued a press release stating that rising junior running back Charles Sims – a First Team All-Conference USA player last season who ranked No. 3 nationally with 7.5 yards per carry – was moving to defense to play cornerback.

“I don’t want to say it was a surprise to us, because Charles has that mentality to do whatever he can to help our team,” Levine was quoted as saying in the release. “People talk a lot about our move to the 4-3 defense, but having an athlete like Charles in our defensive backfield will allow us to get creative, including running a new 3-1-7 scheme that Coach (Jamie) Bryant has been working on.”

Needless to say, the thought of moving the team’s best offensive weapon to defense and running a 3-1-7 defense – yes, three defensive linemen, one linebacker and seven defensive backs – had the Cougar faithful wondering if Houston had picked the right replacement for Kevin Sumlin, who left for the Texas A&M job in December.

To further sell UH fans on the prank, Levine even conducted an interview about the move in which he does a great job keeping a straight face while talking about Sims switching to defense and the ridiculous 3-1-7 concept.

Levine finally had mercy on his school’s fans by Tweeting at the end of Sunday: “I hope everyone enjoyed the joke earlier today! Charles Sims is not moving to defense…he’s moving to Kicker. Have a great April Fools Day!”

Pardon die-hard Cougar fans if they aren’t laughing.





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