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UK Recruits: We Could Beat MJ 1-on-1

April 11th, 2013| by

Two of the prized recruits in Kentucky’s ballyhooed Class of 2013 certainly have the confidence requisite of one of the most talented crops of freshmen in college hoops history.

When they were interviewed by USA Today on Wednesday in advance of Saturday’s Jordan Brand Classic, both Dakari Johnson (Rivals’ No. 13 overall recruit) and Andrew Harrison (No. 4 overall recruit) said they would win in a one-on-one game against Michael Jordan – in his prime.

“I’m taking him to the post every time,” said Johnson, who predicted an 11–10 victory. “He’d stop me a couple of times, but I’d just keep going back down there. I’d just contest his jump shots and pray that he’d miss. I think in the end, I’d get him though. I’m too big down there.”

“I think he’d get a couple buckets here and there, but then I’d start to lock him down and give him buckets,” said Harrison, who felt confident in an 11–7 triumph. “Yeah, I think I’d get him.”

Needless to say, this is ridiculous. Johnson and Harrison should count themselves lucky if they would beat Jordan now at the age of 50, as “His Airness” beat former Kentucky star and current Charlotte Bobcat Michael Kidd-Gilchrist one-on-one earlier this season.

Kids these days…

[The Dagger]

Left and Right Photos Credit: Brian Spurlock/USA Today Sports





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