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Veiny James Wilder Jr. Pic Goes Viral

July 2nd, 2013| by

From the looks of it, Florida State running back James Wilder Jr. is more than ready for an increased workload in 2013 after rushing for 635 yards and 11 touchdowns a year ago.

The rising junior from Tampa had the college football-watching internet abuzz on Tuesday with a picture of his veiny arms from making him look less like a Seminoles running back and more like a Marvel superhero.

It’s fitting that the 6-foot-2, 233-pound Wilder would look this jacked. In his 2013 Freaks List (containing the 20 craziest athletes in college football) back in May, CBS’ Bruce Feldman listed Wilder at No. 17, noting that he “measured in with 4.9 percent body fat” and also “runs in the 4.5s, vertical jumps over 36 inches and bench presses 405 pounds.”

Several Redditors commenting on the photo of Wilder suggest that it’s his low body fat that’s to “blame” for his veiny arms. Another put the huge veins aptly: “I bet the nurses love him.”

Whatever the reason is, the manner in which he shrugged off virtually the entire Clemson defense during a game last fall (video below) now makes a lot more sense.





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