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Video: Marcus Smart Has Epic Flop vs. Oklahoma

January 28th, 2014| by

In his sophomore year at Oklahoma State, Marcus Smart has continued to play at an All-America level that has him seemingly destined for a top five pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Alas, he’s also developing a not-so-savory reputation as one of college basketball’s most notorious floppers.

Smart’s latest transgression occurred in Monday’s 88-76 loss at Oklahoma. While bringing the ball up court, Smart was pressured by Sooners guard Buddy Hield. In response, Smart sent a forearm shiver to Hield’s neck and simultaneously threw his head back as if he had been hit with an uppercut.

If anything, Smart should’ve been whistled with an offensive foul. Instead, he got the call.

Perhaps his decision to return for his sophomore season was premised on a desire not to pay the hefty flopping fines the NBA has started doling out.




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