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Villanova Bench Goes Bonkers vs. Hoyas

March 7th, 2013| by

The 2012–2013 will go down in the books for three things: Innumerable upsets of Top 5 teams, a litany of great buzzer-beaters and goofy reaction shots of several teams’ benchwarmers.

On Wednesday, Villanova was the latest to join the lattermost ranks (not to mention the former most) during its 67–57 upset of No. 5 Georgetown, following in the footsteps of the air guitarists at both Gonzaga and Oklahoma.

But air guitars are so passé, thought two Wildcats players. Let’s celebrate with an air bow-and-arrow and spyglass instead.

Upon closer observation, the revelers appear to be a pair of freshmen, Henry Lowe (on the bow-and-arrow) and Patrick Farrell (spyglass).

If you’re looking for a team to cheer for this March, throw your support behind the Wildcats so you can see more reaction shots of these two.





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