Weis Buyout Doubled Kelly’s Salary in ‘11

May 24th, 2013| by

It will be three-and-half years on May 30th since Charlie Weis was fired as Notre Dame’s head football coach. Yet even Weis departed South Bend, the school was paying him significantly more than any other Fighting Irish athletic coach — including his successor, Brian Kelly.

According to federal tax documents that Notre Dame provided the Chicago Tribune on Thursday, Weis – now the head coach at Kansas – received a buyout payment of $2,054,744 for the 2011 season and is scheduled to receive a payment of the same size every year until 2015 — by which time the school’s total buyout payment to Weis will be close to $19 million.

Kelly, meanwhile, earned a total of $1,088,179 from Notre Dame “for a reporting period of July 2011 through June 2012” — 53% of the amount that the school was paying Weis not to be their head coach. (It’s likely that Kelly surpassed how much Weis earned from Notre Dame this past season due to bonuses accrued from leading the Fighting Irish to an undefeated regular season and the BCS title game.)

Even if Kelly successfully follows up on his 2012 campaign, he shouldn’t expect a big, Weis-like contract extension as a result. The last thing Notre Dame wants to do is make the same mistake twice.

Sports Illustrated, we just found your next “This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse.”

[Chicago Tribune]




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