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West Virginia Gets Uniforms Overhauled

April 20th, 2013| by

West Virginia is the latest on the new uniform train and boy did the Mountaineers go all-in; the new look includes three helmets, three jerseys and three pants for a possible 27 different combinations (take that, Oregon).

Overall, the new look is a big improvement for WVU. Gone are the cheap-looking, stripe-heavy uniforms, having been replaced with sleek threads and matte helmets that come in blue, white and yellow. It is West Virginia’s first white helmet since 1979 and the first “gold” helmet since 1978.

The pointy lettering “inspired by a miner’s pickaxe” is a little much and we could do without the black on West Virginia’s blue uniforms, but we love the matte helmets and overall upgrade. Grade: A-


New Uniforms

Old Uniforms





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